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Dawn of the XXXombies (fm:sci-fi/fantasy, 3558 words)

Author: Geminine Picture in profile
Added: Aug 12 2018Views / Reads: 354 / 280 [79%]Story vote: 9.40 (5 votes)
With a virus turning everyone in the city sex crazed, Danni and her bestie's boyfriend, Romero, have to find a way to a safe haven before they become a XXXombie as well.

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"We're not in Louisiana anymore, Toto..."

On the corner of a four-way intersection in downtown, Danni canvassed the concrete jungle with her hazel eyes. The skinny girl had dark hair with a hint of purple, short New Orleans Saints jersey which showed off her belly button, and frayed jean shorts. She wore white knee-high socks with gold and black stripes and black cotton canvas tennis shoes.

Her bestie's boyfriend, Romero, stood at her side on the curb. A backward fleur-de-lis hat set over his shaved head, and a large jersey swallowed his thin frame whole. He peered out into the streets with the same slack-jawed expression as Danni.

Downtown was congested as usual but the daily bustling bodies, horns, and unified buzz of cell phone conversations were replaced with naked bodies, moans, and heavy breathing. People, man and woman alike, shred themselves of their suits and dresses. Unashamed, the young and old copulated in cars at the red light, on the corners atop newspaper vending machines, and in alleys sprawled across the top of trash bins. Everyone had the same vacant gaze in their eyes.

"I guess no game today?" Romero joked half-heartedly.

Danni shot him an eye but then looked back over the mess of bare bodies. "What the hell is—"

Before she could part with the words, the unclothed strangers simultaneously stopped. Their attention turned to Danni and Romero. They peeked out of their car windows, sat up on the newspaper machines, and crept out of the alleys. They lumbered closer to the friends with a chorus of groans.

"Hey! What's going on here?" Romero asked a middle aged lady. The blonde, with a hint of grey, rushed Romero against the brick wall of Danni's apartment complex. The lady puckered for a kiss, her hand groped his crotch and her bell-shaped breasts pressed against Romero's chest. Romero scooted out from between her and the wall and took Danni's side again. "Ummm... I think we should run."

On cue, the pair darted back inside the apartment complex and into the empty lobby.

Danni hurried to the check-in counter and rang the service bell. "Hello?"

Romero withdrew his iPhone and shuffled to his girlfriend's phone number. After pressing the call button, he placed it to his ear. "Come on, come on..." It rang and rang and rang before finally going to voicemail:

("Hola! This is Maggie. Leave a message after the beep and I'll think about calling you back. He-he.")

"Hey, uh, Maggie—"

Danni screamed.

The cry for help startled Romero. He jumped, dropped his phone, and wheeled around.

Danni ran in circles around the lobby, chased by a slow-moving concierge. The man had his work slacks around his ankles. His button shirt hung to about mid-thigh with a small protrusion underneath, which could only be one thing. With a glazed-over look in his eyes, he moaned and shuffled after her.

Romero rushed over to help. He shoved the man away while Danni made a break for it. She leapt the check-in counter and dipped low enough that only her eyes peeked over.

With a dopey smile, the concierge swung his attention, and his tiny erection, toward Romero. He reached for Romero's belt buckle.

"Whoa, whoa!" Romero dodged back. "Homey don't play dat."

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