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The three ladies at the vineyard (fm:group, 3424 words)

Author: JoeMo619
Added: Aug 12 2018Views / Reads: 1291 / 1104 [86%]Story vote: 9.38 (16 votes)
An unplanned extra holiday holds a big and exciting 3-ladies-surprise for a German professor at a Californian vineyard

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The three ladies at the vineyard

Dedicated to my friend OpenBook2U in California

After a ten years break he was back at Stanford University. A three day international congress and he - Professor Dr. Michael Schulz - had one of the main presentations, receiving a lot of applause and initiating a lot of discussions. It was almost his home ground, having been here as exchange student from Germany for a year during his undergraduate studies and again during his PhD research. And he felt it almost as a personal triumph to see so many former colleagues in the auditorium and in the lobby during and after his presentation. Michael had decided months ago to extend his stay in Northern California for two days and nights and to drive into Yosemite National Park on Thursday, an area where he loved to walk and climb during his earlier stays. He loved the spring in the mountains, where you could experience all four seasons in a day. After a fantastic day in the park he drove back to San Francisco to stay overnight and to go to the airport to catch his Friday lunchtime flight to New York and the connecting night flight to Germany.

"Oh, you are very early Professor Schulz", smiled the United ground stewardess at the check-in after he presented his ticket and placed his luggage on the scale.

He checked the time on his watch. "Twoandahalf hours. Am I too early?"

The stewardess smiled and handed the ticket back to him. "Indeed, Professor. You are a full day early. You are booked on tomorrow's flight."

Michael was really shocked. "What?" Not believing he took his ticket and read it. Indeed, he was one day early. Confused he turned to the stewardess again. "And what can I do now? Can I take an earlier flight?"

As there wasn't any queue at the check-in the stewardess looked into her computer, but started to roll her lips and tongue. "I'm sorry, Professor. It would be very expensive." He looked into her eyes like a helpless boy, but suddenly she smiled at him. "Do yourself a favour. Stay one day longer and enjoy California. Do you know San Francisco?"

"Yes." Michael's mood wasn't so positive. "I lived here for a while."

"Great." The stewardess tried to make the best of the situation. "Then go to your most beloved place and enjoy the next 24 hours as a special gift."

Michael shrugged with his shoulders, took his luggage from the scale and stood for a while in the departure hall, thinking about his plans. Then he moved very quickly back to the Hertz rental car station and was lucky enough to get the same car, which he delivered back half an hour earlier. A simple extension of the rental contract for another day made it easy.

Michael Schulz choose to head north to the vineyard area north and south of the Russian River. He still remembered his first visit at Fort Ross at the Russian River's firth, where he couldn't believe to see a former Russian fort in California. It had been indeed the most southern colony of the Czar's American properties, an entire different historic world to all other places in California. Similar he remembered extremely well that as a student he had driven through Sebastopol loud laughing and singing with his friends at the height of the cold war, but this Sebastopol and the nearby Russian river had been in California. As the stewardess had recommended this was his favourite place and he wanted to use his special gift day to look at the fresh green of the vineyards and perhaps to taste some early vines from the year before.

The sun was already sinking in the west when he had passed Sebastopol and drove through Sonoma county. He was looking for some accommodation with dinner, bed and breakfast, perhaps on a vineyard. But it was still early in the tourist season and many B&B's were still closed. Already thinking to return to Sebastopol and to stay in some business hotel he saw an handmade sign at an old vineyard farmhouse to offer what he was looking for. He turned his car right, stopped beside the similar old

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bigjon844 writes Tue 14 Aug 2018 17:56:

Hi Joe;
Very intense and creative. Well done!


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