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Chapter Twenty-Eight. 2008. (fm:slut wife, 5343 words) [29/32] show all parts

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1. Unusual encounter with wheel-clampers. 2. Interesting and varied encounters while staying at a village hotel.

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Sandi's Erotic Adventures.

A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many years.

Chapter Twenty-Eight. 2008.

(Late-April.) Pip, Logan. The wheel-clampers.

Arriving in the unfamiliar town I searched in vain for a car park with vacant spaces, thinking that being early I might as well do a bit of shopping. Eventually I found a small car park which looked as if it might be private but after a good look round and without seeing any signs to that effect I decided to park, by this time fed up with driving about the town.

After looking at the somewhat uninspiring shops I found my way to Gordon's office, having decided I may as well leave the car where it was.

My meeting with him went well and with a folder containing details of a possible assignment under my arm for further study before making a final commitment, I walked back to the car park. On reaching it I was horrified to find my car had been clamped. In fact the guys had only just finished attaching a clamp to the wheel. A couple of minutes earlier and I'd have been OK.

"Excuse me," I called to the wheel-clampers. "You can't do that without displaying warning signs." Silently one of the guys pointed to a small sign on the wall which stated that it was a private car park and any unauthorised vehicles would be clamped. Stunned, I realised that the small sign must have been obscured by a van when I parked and explained as much to the guys.

"That's what they all say luv," the black guy smiled.

"Couldn't I just give you some money, say twenty pounds each, to take the clamp off. You could pocket it and no one would be any the wiser," I said, beginning to feel desperate.

It wasn't just the release fee which was the problem but the inconvenience of being held up while it was all being processed.

"Afraid not," the white guy said, "it doesn't work like that."

"Be reasonable," I pleaded, "it was a genuine mistake and I'm desperate to get away."

"How desperate?" the black guy asked, looking me up and down.

"I've offered you money and I'll do whatever it takes to get the clamp removed."

"What say you get in the back of your car and strip off. While Logan's removing the clamp I'll join you for some fun, he can take a turn later," the white guy said with a wink at his colleague.

I wasn't too surprised by his words, having already realised where the talk seemed to be heading, and unlocking my car started to climb in to the rear seat. A hand squeezed my bottom but I didn't bother looking round to see which of them it was.

It was embarrassing and a little chilly to be undressing watched by the two grinning strangers through the open car door and I felt relieved when the white guy climbed in, shutting the door behind him.

"Hi, I'm Pip," he said, eagerly seizing my breasts.

"Sandi," I replied automatically.

Vaguely aware of metallic sounds as the wheel clamp was being removed, I sat back in the seat thinking that the feel of Pip's hands on my breasts, thumbs rubbing the nipples, was not at all unpleasant.

After kissing me Pip moved his mouth to my right nipple, his tongue

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