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To the Rescue (fm:older women/men, 3742 words)

Author: Bloomgirl
Added: Aug 13 2018Views / Reads: 3010 / 2520 [84%]Story vote: 9.43 (49 votes)
As if being abandoned by her friend on holiday wasn't bad enough, Rachel's also missed her flight home and is stranded. But a handsome stranger comes to her assistance. (Older Man/Younger woman, married man, adultery)

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She wasn't going to cry. This just about summed up this week and was the final straw. It had been a mistake to come on holiday with Cassie, she'd had her reservations from the start, but Cassie had insisted it would be brilliant. She was newly single and wanted a girls holiday to forget her troubles. But on the first night, Cassie had met a local guy and disappeared off with him. Rachel had not seen Cassie all week other than a couple of brief moments when she'd popped back for a change of clothing.

Cassie had taken her suitcase last night, saying she would go straight to the airport the next day with Julius. Rachel had checked out of the room and was sat by the pool, there was still several hours before the bus arrived to take her to the airport. Then she got the text message.

Where are you? Our flight leaves in less than an hour!

Rachel stared at the screen. What did Cassie mean? Their flight was this evening. She replied with a simple question mark, then her phone rang.

"Didn't you see the email? They changed our flight time. Please don't tell me you're still at the hotel?"

"My phone signal's been iffy all week, let alone be able to get internet coverage! If you'd actually been here, you'd have known that!"

"You'll have to sort something out, Rach." And with that, the phonecall was ended. Some friend Cassie turned out to be.

The hotel receptionist confirmed the worst. Even if a taxi came now, it was still at least 40 minutes to the airport, not taking into account traffic. There was no way Rachel would get to the airport in time for the flight.

She dragged her case over the road to the bar where she knew they had wifi and ordered a vodka and coke whilst she tried to think about what to do. Surely there'd be another flight home today? Could she get some kind of transfer on her ticket?

After drawing several blanks, she was ready to throw her phone out of the window. Her only option was to go to the airport and try and deal directly with an airline.

"Is everything okay?" A deep, velvety voice said. "You seem upset?"

Rachel looked up. The owner of the voice was a dark haired man, probably in his thirties with stubble, tanned skin and a casual shirt with tailored shorts. "I missed my flight home."

The man grabbed a chair and pulled it up to sit beside her. "Have you spoken to your holiday rep? Surely they can do something?"

Rachel sighed. They'd booked this holiday independently, cheap deal on flights and then found the hotel on an internet price comparison site. She felt tears stinging her eyes, and then her whole story came pouring out as the stranger sat and listened sympathetically. When she'd finished, he handed her a couple of paper napkins and looked her in the eyes.

"An unpleasant situation, but not all is lost. Let me see if I can help you. I'm Joe."

"Rachel," she sniffed. "And I'd be really grateful if you could. But unless you own your own airline..."

Joe laughed. "Not quite, but I live locally. I have a friend who works at the airport, come with me and I'll call him. He should be able to help." He held out his hand and helped Rachel get up. She followed him, half scared, half relieved. She knew it was a huge risk going off with a total stranger, but she was desperate to get home and she had to trust him.

Joe led her further down the street to a row of motorbikes, then stopped at a large red one. "My place isn't far, just 10 minutes on this."

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Narcoleptic writes Fri 7 Sep 2018 04:24:

Excellently written. Slight mystery and suggestion to give us readers room for imagination. Really erotic scenario!


Alan007 writes Sun 26 Aug 2018 03:22:

should have gotten some morning wood....~!


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