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Cougar town: 2> The Cougar gives lessons to her neighbour’s son (fm:one-on-one, 7025 words)

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Added: Aug 16 2018Views / Reads: 3694 / 3166 [86%]Story vote: 9.50 (26 votes)
When Jeanette, a biology tutor for a local high school, receives a call for help from Sarah, a concerned neighbour, regarding her son, Eric, she’s in two minds as what to do. Putting her professional hat on, though, she soon warms to the opportunity.

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Story outline: When Jeanette, a biology tutor for a local high school, receives a call for help from Sarah, a concerned neighbour, regarding her son, Eric, she's in two minds as what to do. Putting her professional hat on, though, she soon warms to the opportunity.

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Being a 27-year-old female tutor to 16-year-olds has its moments, especially with my particular subject of biology. To the boys, it's all about the sex aspect, noted by their sniggers. An indication that they no doubt get their education from watching sex videos on their computers, which, by and large, is a point shared by several of the girls, albeit in private. Understandably, their chief concern is very much that of giving into the lustful overtures of a boy and getting pregnant. ‘What a woman like myself could teach them,' I think to myself occasionally.

With such thoughts in mind, I was quite surprised, when, just a week ago, events close to home took a similar turn.

It was Saturday afternoon. I had just finished my lunch and put the empty plate my sandwiches were on along with the glass I had poured some juice into on the drainer for later washing up after tea, when I heard my front doorbell ring - incessantly.

"Coming," I called out, as I made my way along the hall. ‘Alright, already. You'll wear it out,' I said, under my breath.

"Oh, Sarah, it's you!" I exclaimed, having opened the door to my neighbour.

The first thing I noticed was a look of distress and worry on her face as she stood there, her finger resting on the bell. Something was clearly up, I reasoned as I stood to one side and invited her in. She didn't need to be asked. Something was on her mind and she evidently needed my help.

As Sarah stepped inside, I noticed she was clutching something in her other hand. It looked round, rather like a CD or DVD disc from what I could make out.

"I need your help, advice, Jeanette," she said, her voice full of concern.

"Sure, anything to help a neighbour," I intoned, as she walked past me.

"Go through to the lounge," I said, as I closed the front door and presently joined her.

Sat on my cream coloured sofa, I noticed she was slightly trembling. "Drink," I offered. "Steady your nerves."

"Please, whiskey if you've got it," she said, not for one moment looking up to acknowledge me. Not like her, not like her at all.

"Here you go."

"Thanks," she said and gulped half of it down before setting the glass on the table. ‘Well, she certainly needed that,' I thought to myself and took a sip of mine, plain cola.

"So, and in your own time, Sarah," I said concernedly, "what's it all about?"

"It's..." she said, pausing to find the right words I could only wonder.

"It's Eric, my son," she fretted.

"He's alright, I take it, not got into trouble?" I was quick to say.

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Jo Jo writes Wed 12 Sep 2018 13:46:

Love it

JO xxx


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