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What could have been a family vacation... (fm:swingers, 1027 words)

Author: GirlFromWork
Added: Aug 17 2018Views / Reads: 3000 / 2 [0%]Story vote: 9.15 (20 votes)
After spending over a week at the pool with families a young couple shows up. Can only imagine how they get the upper hand on our sex-life..

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For about two weeks we had been staying at the Tuscan countryside. Nice little agriturismo in the middle of vineyards. We being my lovely wife and our two kids. Apart from spending time exploring the surrounding area we had mostly been at the pool. At the pool we were surrounded by several other families in their late 30s, early 40s and their (loud) kids.

Although my wife (Kate), like me, was closing in on 40 she was still gorgeous to see. Athletic build, small but solid boobs and an ass to kill for. Around the pool I would be eying the other mothers to look for attractive traits and must say I sometimes fantasized about them and what it would be like to spend some time alone, or just secretly in the showers next to the pool, just barely out of sight.

One dark haired mother of two had been the favorite in my fantasies for the last couple of days when a new couple showed up. They did not fit in with the rest of the crowd at all, both in their early 30s. She, I started to think of her as Anne, was almost 6 feet tall, dark haired. The white dress she was wearing clearly had the intention of attracting the attention and the bright pink bikinis she was wearing were clearly shining through. The nipples on her fine set of tits visible and the dress barely covering her ass. She was accompanied by an athletic, bronzed, guy who was clearly hitting the gym on a daily basis and was immediately eyeing completion for his catch. He picked up on the stares from the dads around the pool right away.

As Anne took it to the water not just my eyes followed her. Kate picked up on my gaze and inquired how that was for a change. I took some time to reconfirm that she was still, by far, the hottest mother in town and that she only imagined my attention was shifting. As Kate walked to the water a soft pad on my slightly bulging swim-trunks confirmed her earlier suspicion. Smiling, she walked away and as she dove into the water gave the new dude a good view of her ass.

As Anne took time to go in and out of the water and lounged as part of the ‘crowd' I got several very nice views of her rack, she took the time to briefly chat up every dad around the pool lying on her inflatable popsicle, sometimes parting her legs and having one float on each side, it was hard not to spend some time looking and fantasizing. We brought out some wine to the pool and daily happy-hour got started. Being hot and sun-burnt it was about time to take a shower and cool off a bit. Hoping people would not notice the bulge in my pants I made my way to the showers. Just as I walked in, Anne came out of the other shower cabin. As she started to dry herself off we uncomfortably started to make conversation about the weather. Telling her I really needed to cool off I stepped into the cabin, took my trunks off and turned on the shower. With my back to the door I faced the cold shower spray as I heard the cabin door squeak again. Before I could turn around I felt two hands coming around my waist, grabbing onto my shaft that had not yet softened and whisper in my ear ‘isn't this what you had hoped for all afternoon ...'. This was my wildest dream coming through, Anne had undressed again and stepped into the cabin that I had apparently forgotten to lock.

I put my hands to the wall and had the cold water gushing all over my hot body, Anne started to massage my body with soap that she had apparently brought in. Her nipples regularly touched my back as she made her way down, starting with my shoulders, around to my chest, and back down do my back. As she started to go down my legs her nipples made it across my ass and she kissed my lower back. Having sat down on her knees she then turned my around and put my dick in her mouth. She sucked like there was no tomorrow, taking it fully into the back of her throat. Within minutes I was about to come which was the first time I opened my eyes. At the moment I noticed that her athletic boyfriend had apparently been there the whole time taping what she had done to me on his cell-phone. From my immediate tension Anne must have realized I had noticed him. At that point she got up, smiled, and remarked: ‘hope you enjoyed this first part. If you don't want all the other parents and your wife to see this video you better pay close attention to the notes we'll be leaving you in this shower cabin every day at noon. But first, go back to the pool, take your wife to your cabin and make love to her with the windows open so all of us can hear it'.

Coming back to the pool Kate was surprised that I wanted to go to our room so quickly. She had clearly wanted to enjoy the view of mr atheletic boyfriend some more. That afternoon and night we made love like we hadn't done in months. We tried every position we could remember, and every time Kate tried to shut the windows, afraid people could hear us, I urged her to open them again.

The next day we did not see the young couple all morning but once I got to the showers at noon they did somehow manage to leave a note behind. Expressing their impression with a couple almost 40 years old they summoned me to go back to the pool and send Kate for a shower. With still no sign of Anne nor Chris I want back up and suggested Kate to take a shower.

What happened next could be part of the next episode of this story...

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