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Straight Outta Romance 2 (fm:romantic, 5213 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: jwdoney
Added: Aug 18 2018Views / Reads: 1010 / 636 [63%]Part vote: 9.78 (18 votes)
The truth continues as well as the fun when Kelly gets a taste of my humor in more ways than one, I find out how serious she is about the relationship, and an ending I could not have (and would not have) scripted.

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To be honest, I was expecting hate mail and negative feedback from readers and fans who found out that "Kennedy", "Lisa", "Holly" and the stories about them were not real. Since most of you took the news well, I thought I might owe you a simple, quick explanation outside the ‘story'. "Kennedy" was an idea that took on a life of itself, and most of what you read was real, except the relationship and sex... and of course "Kennedy". "Lisa" was meant to close "Kennedy" out, but my father passed and there was no point in continuing the farce. "Holly" was borne from a great idea, but never got past two parts because I didn't like carrying on the charade. Kelly is real, all too real, and either you understand that it was creative writing just like the movies and TV, or you can't forgive me and I apologize one final time. Regardless, pretty much everyone (except Kelly because she doesn't know about it yet) likes STRAIGHT OUTTA ROMANCE, and that makes me happy as with my retirement from writing, "SOR" is going to be my swan song, my last story.

This is a blend of reality and fiction using myself and people I know in settings and scenarios that are 90 percent real but also are 10 percent not. This story exists where Kennedy, Sara and Holly do not, but Jennifer does. The shocking revelation of Holly, Sara and Kennedy that you learned about in part 1 was truthful and painful, but necessary. "I" or "Joe" is me and every character is based on someone I actually know and interact with, but to allow the fun to happen, I had to be honest and admit shamefully that Kennedy, Sara and Holly do not exist and never did. Every name has been changed and descriptions have been altered, because some of my friends and coworkers read my stories. This will be a long, detailed story with some sex in it, not the other way around. I have hundreds of stories written and posted, so if you're looking for a quick release, this is not going to be it.

Any people, places, names, products or events mentioned or inferred are done so without permission or endorsement. This is a work of reality with some fiction mixed in. Most of these events have taken place... most of them!

My name is Joe, I am 48 years old, single, and in decent shape. I could exercise more and eat better, but at 5' 11" with short graying black hair, I do okay. I work full time as a lottery clerk at a local pharmacy managed by my girlfriend Kelly. Kelly is 37 years old, stands 5' 10", has shoulder length brown hair and is in really good shape. It took me months of flirting, hitting on and literally chasing Kelly to get where we are, and if you read part 1, you know that we went the full spectrum in a matter of hours. Kelly was reluctant to date me, thought I was a player, and didn't want to be thought of as showing favoritism for dating someone who works for her. It turns out, she had been reading my stories on ES, figured out who I was, and decided to give me a chance. She had been lonely for over a year, knew I had been as well, and in one strange evening we went from dancing around the subject to lovers and dating.

The sex was great, Kelly is even hotter than I thought and imagined, and she is very passionate. She also is very anxious about revealing our relationship to the people at work. After our evening together and some seriously passionate sex, we went to sleep happy. This morning wasn't a sun shining, birds chirping, start the morning with sex situation. Instead Kelly's phone woke us up at 7:13am when she answered "Yeah... what?" I was rubbing her back and she snuggled back against me, whispered "Morning" and then asked "Can you figure it out until I can get ahold of someone?" There was silence until Kelly said "Fine. Let me call Joe. He's off today and I bet I can get him to cover it". I tensed but Kelly slipped her hand into mine, squeezed, then said "Okay. Alright. Okay. Bye". She dropped her phone onto the bed, exhaled, then said "Before you ask, let me pee, have sex with me, then I'll tell you". Unlike my fictional bedroom settings in most of my stories, the only bathroom in my apartment is NOT in or part of my bedroom. Kelly came back into the bedroom, stripped off her t-shirt, and said "I know I look like 3 miles of bad road, but fuck me anyways".

Yesterday she was saying "This is not a date".

I need to get to the point here, so let's just say despite Kelly's sense of urgency, there was quite a bit of foreplay. We had really good sex, then took a shower where Kelly told me Terry called out. I sighed and said "It'll put me over 40". Kelly shrugged and asked "And?" I blinked

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