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Woodland Car Park Exhibitionist (Part 2) (fm:exhibitionism, 2706 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: Pegasus4 Picture in profile
Added: Aug 18 2018Views / Reads: 1584 / 1201 [76%]Part vote: 9.36 (25 votes)
In part 1 I told you about my wife showing off in a woodland car park to a lucky voyeur. In part 2 we go back and my exhibitionist wife goes further and invites our voyeur to join us.

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A little while ago I told you about Jay's little exhibition to a lucky voyeur in a woodland car park not too far away from us. It got us both so turned on having her show herself off in public to a stranger that we decided to go back and do it again.

With the sun shining last weekend we took the opportunity to go back to the same car park with Jan dressed in a little summer dress, white bra and panties and high platform sandals that emphasised the length of her long legs.

It was early evening as we set off for our little adventure and by the time we arrived at the car park, there were still a few cars parked. As we looked around we noticed a familiar car parked further down, by itself. We weren't sure it was the same one as last time, as we never paid attention to the registration number.

Taking the chance that it was, we parked alongside it about fifteen feet or so away. Jay looked both excited and nervous and asked me if I thought it was the same one. I answered, "I'm not sure, but I'm certain he'll recognise you if it is."

We set off for a short walk into the woods; Jay's sandals were not appropriate for much more, having four-inch heels. Having gone into the trees far enough not to be seen from the car park, I opened the camera app on my phone and asked Jay to do a few poses. We'd taken photos in these woods before, but it was time for some new ones.

After a very sexy ten to fifteen minutes, I got some fabulous hot photos of Jay lifting her skirt to show her panties under her dress and pulling her top down to reveal her gorgeous round tits. I even got some of her bending over with her knickers pulled down, exposing her beautiful smooth pussy.

The possibility of being seen really turned us both on as I watched Jay with her white panties still around her knees and her dress held up around her waist. Looking directly at me, she teased by lowering her hand between her parted thighs and rubbing her smooth pussy. My cock was rock hard as I watched my wife masturbate right there at the edge of the forest path where anyone walking past could see her. She really does love being the exhibitionist.

However, it seemed no one else was around amongst the trees to witness Jay's little public display, and we did want to find out if the owner of the car we were parked next to was our voyeur from our last visit.

Reluctantly, I watched Jay pull her knickers back up and smooth her dress down and, both feeling exceptionally horny, we walked back along the path to our car. My cock was straining against my zipper, and my wife sometimes walking ahead and flicking her dress up to expose her gorgeous round backside only exacerbated my problem. Especially as each time I reached out to grab her, she slipped out of reach. She is a real tease sometimes.

As we approached the car park we could see someone just getting into the car parked next to us. We thought we recognised him as the man from last time but couldn't be sure at first due to the reflection from the windscreen glass. As we got closer we had to pass his car to get to ours and this gave us a clear view of him, and we were now certain that it was. His smile and nod as we walked past confirmed that it was indeed our voyeur from before. Jay and I both nodded in acknowledgment and Jay turned to me with a big sexy smile on her face.

I unlocked the car and looked around to see that only one other car was still in the car park. That was parked a good distance away nearer the entrance. Jay had already opened the rear passenger door and leaned in to reach across the back seat, and our onlooker was completely focused on her gorgeous rear.

As Jay reached into our car her dress rode up the back of her thighs and exposed her beautiful, long legs all the way up to her backside. Our voyeur, now realising that he was being deliberately teased, had opened his car door for an unobstructed view of Jay's exhibitionism. I leaned into the back seat opposite Jay and told her that she had his undivided attention.

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