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Wife tied and blindfolded and tricked into threesome. (MMF) (fm:threesomes, 2488 words)

Author: easydescent
Added: Aug 22 2018Views / Reads: 4305 / 3676 [85%]Story vote: 9.50 (42 votes)
An old friend and I hatch a plan to use my wife.

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I'd known Jack since we were teenagers, although for the last 12 years he had lived on the other side of the country. He had recently moved back to town because of his job and we had been out for drinks a few times but my wife Sara never came along because she wanted us to catch up on old times without boring her. Jack had come to our wedding but as he lived away Sara still had only met him a few times. So she knew when Jack and I got together it always ended up us talking about times and people didn't know, so she knew she would be bored.

Tonight I'd invited Jack over for a few drinks and to watch some old videos of us from when we were younger that I'd been converting over to disc with my computer. It was footage of us as kids, at parties, acting stupid the stuff no-one else is interested in. I'd set up a projector and was playing the movies onto the wall straight from my computer, we'd been at it for a couple of hours when Sara joined us. I'd moved on to more recent stuff of Sara and I on vacation and friends parties, I showed jack some footage of Sara on the beach in a bikini which I'd taken last year. "Wow Lee your such a lucky man, Sara looks hot in this one, Sara you should be on Baywatch." Jack said to us both.

"Thanks Jack I'm glad I can still turn heads" blushing answered Sara. I always loved it when other men said how sexy they thought Sara is and with a few beers in me I wanted to show off even more. So I clicked on a file called Sara's striptease, it was exactly as the title suggested when Sara realised what I was going to show next.

"No Lee don't you dare show him this!" Sara blurted with embarrassment and I paused the action.

"Why what is it?" Jack asked

"Well if you thought she looked hot in her bikini this will blow your mind" I told Jack.

"Oh go on let me see please Sara, even just a little bit". Pleaded Jack.

"Go on Sara you know you I love hearing how sexy you are, I'll stop it before you get naked it will be no different than him seeing you in your bikini." Adding my pleading to Jack's.

"OK then but just a little bit". Sara said nodding her agreement as she loved showing off too.

I pressed play, the screen showed Sara lifting up the hem of a jacket that just covered the tops of her hold up stockings, then she opened the bottom of her coat exposing her crotch which was barely covered by a silk thong. Continuing she slowly unbuttoned the jacket and dropped it to the floor, leaving her facing the camera in a lacy bra, stockings, a tiny thong and stiletto heels, showing her slim figure off perfectly. Her hands moved up to her breasts and massaged them; Jack had a huge grin on his face and was shifting around in his chair. On screen Sara reached behind herself and unhooked her bra and slowly peeled it off, her left breast was exposed first.

"Right stop it know that's enough" Sara ordered I paused the film leaving a still of Sara with her breast exposed on the wall'

"Aww please don't stop it, you cant do that to me, Sara please let me see more, you look so sexy and beautiful." the way Jack pleaded I knew he was desperate.

"Thanks for your compliments but the show is over" Sara said firmly, saying she was going to have a shower before bed. I closed the file and Sara thanked me as disappointed I clicked on another old file. She leaned towards me winked and kissed me slipping her tongue in my mouth. I knew that meant to get rid of Jack and she had obviously enjoyed seeing Jack getting excited at seeing her film.

After she left the room Jack looked at me and said again how lucky I was, when I heard Sara lock the bathroom door and I clicked on Sara's file again. Letting it play showing her completely strip naked before playing with her pussy while sat on the couch.

"Oh my god, thanks Lee she does look so fucking hot." Jack said

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Taocentered (guest) writes Fri 24 Aug 2018 20:31:

I love this, having done it myself, and want more....


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