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First Afternoon With Jenni (fm:adultery, 2782 words)

Author: blackwood321
Added: Aug 23 2018Views / Reads: 2904 / 2250 [77%]Story vote: 9.32 (25 votes)
A young, married man ventures into an affair with a divorced colleague. This leads to an afternoon of erotic photography and sex.

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First Afternoon With Jenni

My phone chimes and my heart starts to race. I am expecting a message from her. I pick up my phone and open the message. "Hi, yes, I slept well thanks. You? What are you up to?" I reply that I am busy painting a room in our house and jokingly enquire if she was still sleeping, since it is almost 11 o' clock already. I smile as I read her reply that she wasn't sleeping, just that she was still in bed because her ex husband has the kids for the weekend and she does not know what to do with all her time. She tells me she is impressed that I am so hard at work already on the weekend and then she enquires if my wife is helping me paint the room. I reply to her that my wife is out of town for work until Tuesday. Then I get a reply that gets my heart racing. "How far are you with your task? I can surely use some company." I reply to her that I estimate that I would only need another half an hour, at most an hour to clean up too. Then she suggests that I should come spend the day at her place, have lunch and that I should bring wine and my camera and lots of energy. I smile, put down the phone, finish and clean up.

Jenni and I work together at a fairly big school. We met each other in the year I started working there, but never really got to know each other. She is a member of the support staff so we only got to know each other when I had to communicate with her department. She was divorced, had two kids and now lived in a cottage on her friend's ranch just outside of town. She is about 5'2 115 pounds with 34B breasts and cropped black hair. She has a cute smile and she's very energetic. Recently, I saw that she started trail running, on her social media page. I like the pictures of her in her running tights and she has no reservations of posting pictures of her in her tight running gear.

Now I have to disclose as I mentioned earlier that I am married, no kids yet. The irony is that I met Jenni when I was engaged and by the time I got married, both her and my feelings for each other started to surface more and more. I love my wife dearly, but every now and then Jenni would visit my fantasies especially when I was home alone.

I finished cleaning everything, showered, and packed my camera as she requested. I grabbed a few bottles of wine from the shelve and drove to her place. I have been there once before when I did a photoshoot for her and her kids. I remember the energy between us on that day when all we really wanted to do was tear each other's clothes of and fuck our brains out, but we considered the kids and the fact that her divorce was still dragging on.

Almost at the ranch I phoned her and she remotely opened the gate. She met me on the porch with a big smile, tight jeans, a loose fitting tank top and an ice cold beer. Jokingly I asked if she wasn't going to offer coffee first. Laughingly she replied that if she had to paint a room in summer she wouldn't want coffee as a "reward". I took the beer from her hand and sat down next to her on the couch she has on the porch. We started talking about work and she told me some gossip she heard about who on the staff is pregnant and who's having affairs. The usual stuff. Then I asked her what the camera was for and she told me she was so impressed with my previous photoshoot of her and her kids that she was hoping that I could take a few pictures of her for her social media profile. "Sure", I agreed and picked up my camera. She told me to slow down and relax, then asked if I wanted another beer. I accepted the offer.

While she was getting the beers in the kitchen I quickly had to adjust my erection in my jeans. Her smell and the hint of her being braless under her tank top had my blood pumping. Not to mention the fact that we have sent some very flirtatious texts to each other recently and here we are all by ourselves. A very rare opportunity. We sat around talking some more and then she said that she is ready for her photoshoot if it's okay with me. We discussed where and how she wanted me to take the pictures. I took out my camera and started to click away. She had so much fun and I captured the most beautiful photos while she laughed at my silly jokes and ridiculous impressions.

When it was finished she asked me to hand her the camera and to fetch us two more beers from the fridge while she looked at the images on the camera's screen. "Wow!" and "You're really good at this, you would easily make good money doing photography even just on the side!", she

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