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Cougar town: 3> A backdoor delivery for the cougar! (fm:group, 7029 words)

Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Aug 23 2018Views / Reads: 1941 / 1484 [76%]Story vote: 9.64 (11 votes)
After a near accident with the sofa from her old apartment while enjoying the firm attention of the young lad who delivered her groceries, Megan West decided it was time to trade it in for a three-piece suite before any more such mishaps.

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Story outline: After a near accident with the sofa from her old apartment while enjoying the firm attention of the young lad who delivered her groceries, Megan West decided it was time to trade it in for a three-piece suite before any more such mishaps.

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"Owe," I cried, when I felt something sharp sting against my shapely ass as Robert slammed his cock deep inside my dripping wet pussy. I wasted no time in pushing him from me to have him stop. Having he sat up, his long shaft covered in a gloss of my juices from him having made me cum so much so far, I stood up and tentatively ran my finger over the sofa. ‘There you are,' I raged inside and just when I was about to cum for the umpteenth time.

"Looks like my sofa's had it," I told him. "Let's take this into the bedroom," I said, with a renewed smile after my rump was almost harpooned on a broken spring, and we did.

30 minutes ago, young Robert had delivered the groceries I had ordered using the supermarket's ‘click and deliver service'. He delivered, all right, and for over an hour all told. He was so scrummy and fit looking, exactly the way I like my men; young ones that is.

Six weeks before that, I moved from my old condo to a plush apartment in Princetown and brought all of my furniture with me. When Robert left, both of us more than satisfied, I made up my mind to go the whole nine yards and buy a three-piece suite, which I again picked out on-line and made arrangements for its delivery.

The time I was given was between 8am and noon. Since it had to come far, I figured they would arrive after 9am. I had just put on my robe and made my way to the kitchen to make breakfast when the front doorbell chimed.

‘God, they're early, and me not properly dressed,' I said to myself as I turned on my heels, called out "Just coming," and went to see if it was, indeed, them. They hadn't phoned, so...!

As usual, and being summer, I had slept in the buff. I was naked beneath my pale-green silk robe, which had an Asian print on the back. I held it tight around my thighs as I made my way along the hall. It was them, my red sofa, which was stood on one end, unmistakeable I noticed through the spyhole.

I quickly removed the chain and unlocked the door to my apartment. The vestibule had a generous amount of room on either side, not like the tight squeeze of my condo, and so I was able to stand back as I held the door open for them; three tall fit young lads with muscles that rippled as they carried my sofa along the hall and towards the lounge. Still holding my robe, I followed behind indicating the way. It had legs that needed to be screwed onto it. Daniel informed me they would get to that, the screwing, once the armchairs were in. Well, I was certainly looking forward to some screwing, and it occurred to me they had both the tools and time.

"What about my old sofa?" I said, my hands subsequently on my hips, reminding him it was a trade-in, one that got me $15 off the price.

"Sure," he rejoined, while his tone suggested he had been momentarily distracted and by me - what I wasn't wearing. Thankfully, the old one wasn't that heavy, at least not in their very capable manly hands, ones I was looking forward to slowly handling me.

I like my black pubes, which I keep trimmed, thereby framing my pussy like a work of art while exposing my clit. I felt a sudden warm wetness between my thighs at knowing he may have caught a glimpse. I decided that, on their return, I would give them a teasing flash, if only to gauge their interest; Daniel no doubt telling the other two exactly what he had caught a glimpse of.

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