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The hot summer sun... Juliette walks in (fm:adultery, 6766 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: Clavicus
Added: Aug 24 2018Views / Reads: 2723 / 2243 [82%]Part vote: 9.59 (29 votes)
Juliette came home unexpectedly and found us, naked. This is had to be the end of everything, surely...

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...the next sound we both heard was the gate opening and Juliette walking in...

Olivia and I literally froze and immediately went bright red, ridiculously attempting to somehow cover up our naked bodies but it was utterly pointless; we were in full view.

Neither of us could speak and, even if we could, what the hell would you say?

Juliette stood there looking at us and, after having such an incredible, fantasy-driven, sexually charged experience with Olivia, the reality of what we just did was about to come crashing down around our ears and everything we knew, everything we were, was about to change. Forever. Fifteen years of love down the shitter - destroyed, and all for the sake of sexual desire and gratification. What had felt so incredible earlier, now felt awful. I was sick to my stomach and beginning to feel angry at myself for being so weak, especially as I had earlier been feeling so strong and empowered to push my luck with Olivia and then keep it going to such a wonderful, sticky ending. What a fool.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was really only a second or two, I snapped back to reality and looked straight at Juliette as she walked towards us.

I could sense the fear in Olivia; her close friend of eighteen years, but she remained still and quiet, just a feeling of guilt and dread, anticipating the inevitable.

Juliette walked up to me, stopped and bent down with her face directly in front of my face.

She put her hand around the back of my head and kissed me on the lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth, licking my tongue and teeth in a wet, sloppy, incredibly sensual kiss that lasted about 30 seconds. She pulled away, stood up, wiped the palm of her hand across her mouth and turned to Olivia saying... I can taste your pussy on his lips.

Juliette took a step towards Olivia, who recoiled with a slightly terrified/worried look on her face and tears beginning to well up in her eyes. She whimpered I'm so sorry Jules, it was like I... but Juliette bent down right in front of her face and kissed her firmly on the lips too, forcing her tongue into her mouth.

I have no idea whether Olivia has any lesbian tendencies or not (and I certainly didn't know Juliette had any!) but, despite the initial shock, she responded willingly returning the kiss full-on, open-mouthed, wet and with tongues intertwining.

Maybe it was a somehow a sense of relief for Olivia; perhaps a hope that this bizarre situation with us both being kissed meant everything was ok now, but at the same time having no real idea what the fuck was really going on here.

For me, I have to say, the fear immediately switched to excitement and I could feel my cock beginning to rise again watching this unfold. I was so confused but it really was such a turn-on!

Juliette stopped kissing Olivia, stood up and said; ...and I can taste his cock on your lips. We were both pretty stunned by what was happening here and still we said nothing; just thinking this was some kind of twisted joke on Juliette's part, and still expecting the worst.

Juliette turned to walk away from us, then stopped, looked back, smiled and said; Look guys, seriously, it's fine. I'm not stupid, I've always known you two had the hots for each other, I see the way you look at each other and hug just a little too long every time we meet. It was only a matter of time before you ended up fucking each other, only this time I caught you doing it.

But it's ok and I'm cool with it. Nothing has changed, I need no apologies, I mean it. I still love you both dearly and I'm glad we're in this situation because now I can join in.

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Twig writes Thu 30 Aug 2018 01:13:

Loved both parts! More, more, more!!!!


Geoff writes Sat 25 Aug 2018 08:03:

Great story well written. Iím hoping for more instalments


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