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A New Love of Chocolate (fm:adultery, 3026 words)

Author: CaroleS31
Added: Aug 24 2018Views / Reads: 3175 / 2471 [78%]Story vote: 9.61 (33 votes)
Traveling on business I met a man who changed my life

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Caroline finished peeing and paused for a moment as her finger perused her nether regions. She was more than a little wet and she felt a bit naughty, but in a good way. She was having fun talking and even flirting with her new friend Tony. He wasn't really her type physically, not that she was looking. She was, after all, married and wasn't really attracted to black guys but he was a nice guy and he wasn't bad looking if she was truly honest.

She finished up, washed her hands and went back to the outdoor tiki bar for another drink.

Caroline saw Tony refreshing her glass of wine as she approached and she smiled. "Are you trying to get me drunk?" She giggled as she sat down across from him at the high top table. They had started off sitting at the bar but it was loud and they had moved to a table in the back so they could talk.

Like Caroline, Tony was in Pensacola for work. He was a contractor for the Navy and he looked every bit the part. He had short graying hair and a fit, muscular body. His wide nose and full lips fit him well and Caroline could tell he did well with the ladies.

"Maybe," he replied with a mischievous smile, "would it work?" He had nice, straight white teeth and his big brown eyes glimmered with intelligence. He was well educated and extremely personable and under different circumstances she could see herself hooking up with him.

"It might if I wasn't married," she said holding up her ring. She had mentioned her husband several times and Tony had backed off each time but soon thereafter they'd start flirting again. She liked the way he looked at her. She felt beautiful and it was nice. She hadn't felt that way in years. Caroline was a curvy woman with big breasts and a soft, wide ass. She'd been petite in high school and college but twenty years of sedentary living and raising two children had conspired to pack more than 50 pounds on her short 5'2" frame.

"I know," Tony said sheepishly, "I'm just enjoying your company. It's not everyday a man gets to speak frankly with a beautiful woman."

"Now you're making me blush again," she teased. She felt butterflies in her stomach and she took a quick sip of wine to settle her growing angst. She felt more attracted to him with each passing moment and she was glad he knew that she was a married woman with no intention of cheating on her husband.

They continued to chat and flirt as the minutes turned into hours. He was a great storyteller and he held her gaze as he regaled her with tales of his travels around the world.

Caroline loved to travel though she had done most of her vacationing stateside with her family. Tony on the other hand had been all across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He had also been on safari in Africa and to New Zealand.

The lights overhead came on, signaling last call and Caroline sighed. She was enjoying his stories and she wasn't ready to call it a night but she had an early day at the office and she was going to regret staying out so late.

"I should go," she said begrudgingly as she sipped the last of her wine. Tony had bought all of her drinks and she felt a bit guilty but he had offered with full knowledge that she was happily married.

"Let me walk you to your room," he said with a hint of playfulness in his deep voice.

"Okay, but your not getting laid," Caroline laughed. They both smiled and she rose to her feet. She had been sitting for more than an hour and in that time they had polished off another full bottle of wine. Her legs felt rubbery and weak and Tony quickly grabbed her arm to help steady her when she started to sway.

"Oops," she laughed as she looked into his pretty eyes. She felt drawn to him and she had a strong urge to kiss him but she didn't.

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