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A Trip To The States (fm:slut wife, 11470 words) [3/3] show all parts

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Chris and Steph continue their adventures during a road trip in the US. But without Amit and Sarah, how will they entertain themselves...

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Since our last encounter with Sarah and Amit, my wife Steph and I hadn't branched out again into anything more adventurous than adding a couple of toys to our sex life. Little did we know that when we booked our road trip to the States, that things would move up another level.

We started with a couple of days in Vegas and then decided to do a road trip around Nevada and into Southern California. To make the trip extra special, I had booked us a convertible as our hire car, and was really looking forward to driving cross country with the top down.

The day came for us to begin the road trip, and I was waiting in our room for Steph to finish getting ready. When she finally came out of the bathroom I was gobsmacked! She was wearing a very tight white T-shirt that stretched over her big 32Fs and finished just above her belly button. Below that she was wearing a red skirt that could barely be termed a skirt! It just about covered the curve of her arse cheeks. The outfit was completed with a pair of wedge sandals.

"Fuck me!" I exclaimed.

"I will honey, just not yet." She replied. "I take it you like my choice of clothing?"

"You look fucking amazing babe! I mean, talk about displaying your assets!"

Steph giggled.

"Well I figured if I can't have a bit of fun with my clothing and show myself off when in Sin City, where can I?"

"Er, you do realise that we will be leaving in about an hour though?"

"Well I don't want to give the whole package away do I?"

"God I love you." I said, and gave her a kiss running my hand across the naked flesh of her back.

"And I love you too." She replied, breaking off and pointing to my crotch. "But you can put that thing away for the time being big boy. We've got a car to pick up."

I groaned.

We packed our last bits into the case and headed to reception to check out. Steph got a couple of looks, but no-one ogled her too much until we got to the car hire place.

The kid behind the desk can't have been more than about 19. As we walked in his eyes bulged. Filling in the paperwork he kept looking over and staring at my wife's tits. As he escorted us to the car he "led" us from behind, which I knew was so that he could cop an eyeful of her backside. Holding the passenger open he stared as Steph climbed in, her skirt rising up a little to reveal a glimpse of red panties.

He gave me a rundown of the features of the car and some of the driving rules to keep in mind, all the time his eyes on Steph. Once finished and we began to drive out of the parking lot, he watched us go for what I imagined was far longer than he would do normally.

"Wow!" I said as we started out on our drive, "did you see how much that kid was staring at you?"

"Come off it." Answered Steph. "This is Vegas, I'm sure he's seen a lot more flesh than what I have on display!"

"I'm not kidding you Steph, his eyes were on stalks. All the time he was talking to me he was ogling your tits. I bet you he's gone back into the office, locked himself away and had a wank thinking of you!"

"Nooo. Over me, I don't believe you. Apart from anything I'm old enough to be his mum!"

"Honey, I keep telling you you're gorgeous. Sarah and Amit aren't much older than him and look at the effect you have on those two!"

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