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Sean (mm:one-on-one, 5110 words)

Author: Satyros
Added: Aug 25 2018Views / Reads: 369 / 206 [56%]Story vote: 10.00 (4 votes)
A surprise run-in with an old lover leads to some soul-searching and a hot fuck session. I had broken Seanís heart years ago and here he was, sexier than ever. How could I make it up to him?

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I took a deep breath into my stomach and savored. I savored the exquisite feeling of being filled. The last pangs of pain were fading. The cool air from the air conditioner tickled the beads of sweat that had covered my body and I lost myself in the rush of goose flesh. His breathing was heavy and I relished the feeling of his weight on top me, his face so close to mine. The raking light picked up the highlights of the stubble on a face lost in pleasure. I closed my eyes to focus on the feeling.

He was thick and stiff inside me, his balls pressed against mine. They were heavy and large, I remembered the feel of them as I had cupped them in my hand, cool and fat as I had rolled each one between my thumb and fingers, my tongue gently licking all around the engorged head in my mouth. I had wanted to empty those beautiful balls then, to feel him flood my mouth with his seed, but that would have to wait for another time. Soon, they would empty themselves into my guts. I relished the feeling of his heavy nuts as they brushed against mine and we both moaned, lost in the sensations of our rutting.

I stretched, pulling my arms up above my head. I breathed in deeply, the musk of our bodies and the humidity of the room filling my nostrils with testosterone. "Oh God," I moaned and opened my eyes to look at him again. Our eyes locked for a moment and he smiled. I gave him a gentle squeeze, bearing down on the hard thickness inside of me. "Mmmm, aw yeah," he sighed, feeling my tightness all around him. "Mmmmmmm, you feel so good, so right...". Pushing even deeper inside of me, we kissed, our stubble crushing together, his hot tongue pushing inside of my eager mouth as he began to rock back and forth. I gasped as I felt him push in and out of me, the head of his prick sending little electric jolts as it brushed against my prostate. I met his thrusts, panting. My aching balls were pulled up tight as he began to fuck me in earnest. His strong hands gripped my ankles and I shivered as a drop of sweat fell from the tip of his nose and landed on my chest. "Yes, please, yes, oh God...," I was babbling, "please don't stop, it feels so good...". I reached up to caress his chest, running my fingers through the thick mat of hair. His nipples were hard, I teased them, pinching them lightly, gently twisting them between my fingers. He shuddered, thrusting harder now. I squeezed again, feeling him get even harder as he pushed in and out of me. I felt his heavy balls draw up, readying for release. He was so close now.

I met his thrusts with abandon, my own stiff prick drooling with each panting breath. A sticky pool of fluid had formed, matting my pubic hair and leaving a trail from above my navel down to where our bodies were joined. I let go of his nipples and traced my fingers along his muscular back as we fucked. He was slick with sweat and the taut skin rippled beneath my fingers as they slid down to cup his ass. I felt the hair tickling my fingertips as I squeezed his meaty cheeks, gently spreading them apart, pulling him deeper into me. "Oh God, oh God, yes, YES, I am so close," he hissed. I gyrated my hips underneath him, squeezing tight in time with his thrusts. I massaged his hairy ass as I felt his heart pounding blood into the stiff prick that ravished me. "Come inside me Sean, please..., oh God, please, come inside me...".

An animal, guttural roar rose up from deep within as he gripped me mercilessly, his cock swelling as he jerked through the initial throes of an intense orgasm. Burying himself to the hilt inside me, he squeezed me powerfully, taking my breath away as I felt him spurt deep within me. I felt my ass fill with his seed, the smell of our rutting filling my nostrils as he frantically pressed his hot sweaty body against mine. "Yes, YES, YES!!!," he bellowed, emptying what may have been years of pent up sexual energy into my yearning ass. Shuddering beneath him, I was lost in the primal power of his coming, the exquisite sensation of his thick, hot seed spurting into me. The odor of his semen mixed with the scent of our sweaty exertions as he raised his arms above his head, filling my nostrils with the intoxicating fragrance of his sweaty, hairy armpits. His thrusts slowed, his dick jerking more and more faintly inside me as the last squirts of his semen dribbled out of the magnificent prick that had so royally fucked me. He collapsed on top of me, pushing his tongue into my mouth, panting, shivering, quivering through what was left of his epic ejaculation. I felt him shrinking inside me, growing softer as his muscles relaxed. He turned his head to breathe at last, lying spent on

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