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The gorgeous, fit party girl who secretly loved anal (fm:anal sex, 6987 words)

Author: Clavicus
Added: Aug 27 2018Views / Reads: 3353 / 2983 [89%]Story vote: 9.44 (27 votes)
A girl I had fancied since she became a friend of my partner some three years earlier, came to our house party and stayed over night. Her drunken teasing was really just luring me into being part of her incredible anal fantasy.

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We decided to have a party after being in the house for a couple of years and invited pretty well everyone we knew to make sure we had a house full.

We asked friends, some family and all the neighbours. one of those friends was a girl called Liz - my partner Molly had worked with Liz previously and they'd become really good friends even though Liz was a few years younger. She had an energy and vitality that was infectious.

I got to know Liz pretty well because she was always round our house, especially during the summer, and they spent so much time together, chatting, shopping, sunbathing, all sorts.

Liz had a fabulous figure; very natural and a bit curvy but toned as she was constantly down the gym and was obviously very proud of her body - always happy to show it off as she was forever sunbathing - often topless. Obviously I was always very happy to see her!

She's also really flirtatious and naturally very touchy-feely - she loves to hug, always gives you a quick kiss on the lips when saying hi or bye so it felt good to be around someone so vivacious and exciting.

Liz was never without a boyfriend but never the same one for very long and probably every time we saw her she was with some new, hunky, body builder-type, so imagine my delight when she turned up alone and asked if it would be ok to stay the night!

Molly adored Liz in the early days but had grown quite tired of her being high-maintenance and being quite an attention seeker. Plus Liz can act-up when she gets drunk so Molly really wasn't bothered about her coming in the first place and definitely didn't particularly want her staying over, but could hardly say no.

I, on the other hand, was delighted she was there because once she's had a few drinks she has no filter and is guaranteed to liven-up a party even if it does shock a few people along the way. Not surprisingly, and true to form, Liz didn't disappoint.

The party was perfect, great weather, lots of friends including quite a few we hadn't seen for a long time and our ‘new' neighbours. We talked, and laughed and drank from mid-afternoon till about 1:30am, and mostly outside as it was so warm.

As expected, Liz got pretty drunk and managed to embarrass most people towards the end of the evening firstly with her colourful language and directness, and then by dancing like a lap-dancer around some of the guys and then taking her top off, baring her gorgeous tits to everyone as the finale.

It was quite a moment and I found watching the different reactions from the men and women hilarious. Molly was furious at her and stormed-off upstairs.

The ‘show' finished and Liz ended up collapsing on the sofa out of the way in the lounge and dozing off, leaving it for me to apologise to everyone and laugh it off, but it did take the edge off the party and it caused a bit of tension between Molly and I.

It also meant that within about an hour everyone had left. No bad thing really as it was now nearly 2:30am but at least it gave everyone something to talk about!

Molly said goodbye to everyone and, while Liz slept, we cleared up and washed up everything to get the place straight again. We hadn't tried to be quiet it hadn't disturbed Liz at all and when we'd finished Liz was still sound asleep in the lounge, stretched out on the sofa.

Molly had drunk quiet a lot too and the boozy high that makes you dance and have fun had worn off to leave the onset of a hangover and her feeling desperately tired. We stood in the lounge looking at Liz completely out for the count and she just said "you can bloody sort her out, I'm going to bed". She pecked me on the cheek and went upstairs.

Liz was laying on the sofa on her side, bare foot, knees bent, so I sat

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skeeter writes Thu 30 Aug 2018 07:18:

Well, it would be excellent+++
if he had filled her ass also since that was a big topic
I expect a follow up threesome so his wife can get interested in ass play.


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