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Secret fingering in the steam room and Jacuzzi turns wild (fm:seduction, 5347 words)

Author: Sabrina
Added: Aug 29 2018Views / Reads: 4353 / 3934 [90%]Story vote: 9.53 (30 votes)
A cheeky opportunity to meet-up with a friend's ex-boyfriend was way more fun than I expected and it turned from being a saucy, seductive encounter to the most explosive sexual experience of my entire life.

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I had taken the day off and thought it might be fun to phone my friend Dave to see if he wanted to go swimming with me at the local hotel spa. I had been really struggling in my own, long term relationship and it was pretty much over. I was bored shitless and needed stimulation in my life in all areas; physically, sexually and intellectually.

Dave and I had known each other for a few years through mutual friends and we'd definitely had a connection previously. However, I hadn't seen him for maybe six months so it felt a bit odd calling him out of the blue but hey, I was up for a challenge and he could always say no!

He lived two minutes from the hotel and used to be a frequent visitor to the gym there, plus I happened to know he wasn't working so was bound to be free. It had to be a good idea, surely?

It's fair to say Dave was a little surprised when I phoned him as but he was delighted that I'd asked him and thought it was a great idea so he agreed he'd meet me at the hotel in an hour.

I arrived first and it's fair to say I had dressed more with feeling sexy in mind than anything else as I was definitely in seduction mode. I was wearing flip-flops, skin-tight white half-leggings and no knickers, a loose top that showed my midriff and no bra.

I'm quite fit and I hardly ever wear a bra as I'm lucky to have amazing naturally firm breasts and they looked fabulous under this loose, thin top, especially as my nipples were really obvious.

We met, hugged and kissed politely. I have to say he was better looking and fitter than I remembered so I was delighted and felt quite excited.

We walked round to the spa which, as usual, was empty mid-morning, and went our separate ways to get changed. I wore a small, tight fitting low-cut bikini that showed my figure off beautifully and, being white, it looked lovely against my tanned skin.

Dave is tall and pretty fit. He was nicely tanned too and had a nice shape, toned but not overly muscular.

You have to go through a shower to get to the pool itself, probably a hygiene thing, and it was nice to get wet under the shower as my bikini clung to my body, knowing Dave was watching me.

The pool was the perfect temperature so we swam a bit and chatted and were then larking about with the foam swimming blocks, trying to get two or three under our bums in the water. Dave decided to help me which was really nice because I had to keep hanging-on him while he was trying to push the blocks under my body for me to sit on. I kept sitting on his hands and grabbing his body to help me stay on. When I finally made it and got my balance it meant I was floating on the surface with my lower body raised out of the water and my wet bikini bottoms were pulled tight into my pussy.

It felt great being exposed like this and we had a lot of fun and lots of laughing. For me, it was really quite a horny time.

After about half an hour of messing about we got out, showered off and went into the steam room to relax and recover from expending all that energy.

It was great to sit back and relax. At least that was the idea.

There was something incredibly sexy about being alone in the steam-room with someone I quite fancied, especially as you can't see each other clearly.

Dave already had a bit of a bulge in his shorts but I think he thought I hadn't noticed. I had definitely noticed but didn't say anything, not even in a jokey way (which would be my usual style).

It was pretty damned hot in there and we joked about who would be the weaker one and leave first so it quickly became a bit of a competition to stay as long as possible.

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T-Bone writes Thu 6 Sep 2018 09:17:

Hot as hell! Great story with just the right amount of detail.


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