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Cougar town: 4> the Cougar gets caught! (fm:threesomes, 5040 words)

Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Aug 30 2018Views / Reads: 2432 / 1962 [81%]Story vote: 9.46 (13 votes)
Whether by designed intention or pure accident, Michelle Armstrong’s sexy young window cleaner catches the horny cougar stroking her pussy when he arrives to do her windows. Trouble is, he’s not alone.

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Story outline: Whether by designed intention or pure accident, Michelle Armstrong's sexy young window cleaner catches the horny cougar stroking her pussy when he arrives to do her windows. Trouble is, he's not alone.

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For a local window cleaner, Ted was young, handsome, cheeky and sexy. Above all else, though, he was the answer to the prays and needs of the many women who's windows he cleaned, except that he had only gone as far as flirting with them. That all changed, however, when he arrived at Michelle Armstrong's home and with Rich, short for Richard.

Ted was due to take a week's holiday come Monday, when his brother would be filling in for him, and so he brought Rich with him to introduce to his clients. What they both noticed when they went around the back to get some fresh water from Michelle, who's a bit of a cougar where young men such as the young brothers, just two years separating them, are concerned, made them stop and make a double take.

Of all the women Ted served, Michelle was, by far, the most aroused by his good looks and physique. Straw blond hair and amazing blue eyes, the type any woman would find herself getting lost in while his tall stature and taut body, especially noticeable in the many tight fitting tank tops he wore in the warm sunny summer weather, made her swoon with need.

Michelle had her straight, shoulder-length hair tied in a ponytail with a slender headband that was barely noticeable. She wore a red gingham shirt that had short sleeves, while the buttons gaped as it sought to encase her shapely 38DD breasts, which, even then, were trying to escape. Her short denim shorts were undone and drawn down her thighs as she stroked her shaved blonde pussy across a powder pink lace thong that had become all the more wetter as she thought about what she might do to Ted before he arrived. Ted, though, had arrived early.

In addition to introducing his brother to his clients, they both did the cleaning that Saturday morning. Michelle was Ted's third customer of his round and so his early arrival had been unexpected. Both men simply gawped at the horny slut as she stroked her juicy wet pussy while occasionally rolling a nipple. Michelle had her lids closed over her sparkling blue eyes as her climax mounted, and so she was unaware the siblings were watching her, and, more to the point, getting aroused at what they were seeing.

"Oh yes, emn, fuck me, Ted, fuck me with your big long cock," she cried out, fingers underneath her damp thong thrusting deep inside her very wet pussy as she stroked her firmed up clit with her thumb.

Upon hearing Michelle mention Ted's name, Rich threw him a knowing smile, one that suggested he had serviced her needs beyond that of just cleaning her windows, and good for him.

"What!" he exclaimed, in reply, taking his eyes off the action.

"You mean you've never.... Look at her, she's practically begging for it, bruv," Rich regaled, while inside he was looking forward to a week of getting to know his sibling's clients and on a more intimate level.

When Rich returned his attention to the horny cougar's continued performance, he knocked the glass with one of the cleaning tools in his belt. That sudden noise caught Michelle's attention and she turned towards where it originated from. She still had her fingers stroking her pussy, albeit in a casual manner, when she noticed the two men stood outside, each one staring at her. She smiled, appealingly, though, when she recognised the one stood to the left was Ted. Hard not to notice in the black tank top he had on along with a pair of worn blue jeans, all he ever wore, in fact.

Not saying a word as she continued to radiate a warm welcome smile at

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