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I Dream of Nina - 02: Work, Work, Work. (fm:sci-fi/fantasy, 3658 words)

Author: MSaintC Picture in profile
Added: Aug 31 2018Views / Reads: 1467 / 845 [58%]Story vote: 9.46 (13 votes)
How is a man supposed to work is nine to five with a sex crazed lust nymph following him?

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Alan was faintly aware of a buzzing going on nearby. He groaned when he realized it was his alarm clock, warning him that it was the start of another day. His mind went over the events of the day before, and the more he thought of it, the more he concluded it must have been a dream. It seemed too surreal, meeting a nymph, his bigger cock, having hot sex with Chelsea as well as fun sex games with Nina, actually having Rita apologize for her behavior, all of it mixed together as a weird fantasy. Sleepily, he fumbled a hand over to hit the snooze button for a few more minutes. He exhaled audibly, and was about to force himself to sit up when he felt a hand grab the hem of his t-shirt and pull it up to his neck, exposing his chest. He was confused, but then he felt that hand reach into his shorts, and pull his cock, long and thick, hard from a long night, and grasp it. He had a moment to wonder what was up until he felt himself cum, that instant burst of white hot pleasure that only Nina can accomplish. The hot thick cum shot all over his chest and stomach, and he felt weak for a moment as he recovered. A soft tongue licked him slowly, cleaning the cum. Alan finally managed to open his eyes, and looked down into the soft green face of Nina, smiling up at him before running her tongue over his skin to scoop a fat glob of hot cum into her mouth.

"Morning Alan." She said sweetly.

"Hey beautiful." Alan wanted a to ask a few questions, but after last night he thought better of it.

It was still amazing to him, this new found stamina he seemed to have. He orgasmed seven times yesterday in less than six hours. Outside where he met Nina, on Chelsea's face, inside Chelsea, and then he'd received four seperate handjobs from Nina before retiring to bed. He expected to wake up with a sore cock and numb balls, but he felt fine. He assumed it was something Nina had done to him, though in the time they'd spent together, she'd refused to answer any of his questions about herself. The excuse she gave was that she wanted to know all about him first and foremost, everything about her could wait. Judging by the questions she asked, she must not have had a human contact for about twenty five years or so, and she was hungry for knowledge of how the new world operated. His first 'challenge' as her hand stroked his cock was to copy and then recite two full pages from a new novel. She'd chosen one of Rita's Harry Potter books, and as he was reading, seemed more interested in what he was saying than the dick in front of her. The second challenge was to be in a help chat with a Netflix employee, and pretend to have a problem. (After she learned about the internet, Netflix and chatting with someone who could be hundreds or thousands of miles away.) That one got progressively dirtier as it went along, with the final nail being Alan having to ask the female service agent if she wanted to turn the webcam feature on and watch him cum. Nina said that she could sense via her powers that the woman was interested, and aroused at the idea, but it was under a veil of shame, so she terminated the support call. The third wasn't a challenge at all, as she seemingly gave up on the idea. What she did do, was make his cock grow to an astounding fifteen inches. With so much skin to touch and stroke, the handjob felt amazing and like it lasted forever. When he came, the sheer length the cum had to flow through made the power of his orgasm that much stronger. He took a while to come down from the high, and Nina had a wicked thought of leaving him with a giant horse cock for a while, but decided against it. After all, she always could later. The last was just a gentle stroke before he went to sleep, initiated without asking as he lay in bed, and lasting only a few quick minutes. He briefly wondered if it was always going to be like this, and if perhaps he'd eventually get tired of constantly cumming for her amusement. But he couldn't much think about that, he had to get ready for work.

"So, what're we doing today?" She said with a grin, her hand drifting up and down his tingly cockflesh as she scooped another glob of cum into her mouth with her soft tongue.

"I need to go to work until 4, and then I guess, we can do whatever you like."

"Oooo, love it." The grin she gave spoke that maybe he was biting off more than he could chew by leaving things up to her, but it was too late now.

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