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Just you wait until you meet Mira (fm:first time, 4124 words)

Author: Jeanie
Added: Sep 02 2018Views / Reads: 1840 / 1370 [74%]Story vote: 9.38 (32 votes)
Reagan is awed by her new surroundings, but more-so by her new circumstances.

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The house was way too big. I had just moved my stuff in and it was quiet as a tomb. My room was on the third floor, for pete's sake. And mom and her new big-shot fiance left to go to some conference somewhere while I'm all alone for the whole weekend. What was I going to do? There's a bus. I may go back downtown to hang with Mira. She probably misses me already.

But there is something odd that is happening to me. Luxury and unbelievable cool living arrangements are seducing my desire to leave. The house was my new step-father's family home growing up. Step-granddaddy had operated a very successful architectural firm and he had incorporated amazing things to the manor styled home. The top floor of the house was split into two very large and well appointed bedrooms sharing a huge bathroom, bigger than any room in our old apartment. In fact, the whole house could hold most of our old apartment building. It was truly amazing. And the General's son, who I haven't met, will be the occupant of the other bedroom when he gets back. That's where the weirdness comes in.

I've listened to the General brag continuously about his son and when I found out a few weeks ago that Brandon had a summer job as a Page on the Senate floor in Washington, my ears perked up. How did he do that? How fucking cool! This made me hungry to look at family photos which caused my mind to explode with fantasies. I shared my awe of the guy with Mira and she just rolled her eyes. "He sounds like he's a four-eyed dork with pens in his shirt pocket."

I've done a little snooping in his room. I mean, I should know who my brother is going to be, right? Any normal girl would do the same. I looked at all the trophies, some with French inscriptions, and the pictures and frames on the walls, and it felt as if I was looking at a storyboard of the ideal college kid. Mr. Popular, brainiac, the most beautiful girls, the in-crowd. And he was hot looking, too. I felt I had to touch some of his clothes in the walk-in closet, but I was unable to find any real private stuff. I wondered if he would miss a photo? I took a shot of one on the wall with my phone, just in case. But no diary or even pictures of girlfriends. Maybe he has a blog. ...I spent an hour in his bed, smelling him and fantasizing about his body. You know, crazy stalking shit.

My best friend was not here to calm me, and I felt guilty for abandoning her. Mira had lived with us off and on because her mom had issues at times, and now she had nowhere to go when things got rough. Who was going to watch her back at school? Mira and I had been looked upon as the odd ducks of the class and there had been lots of bullshit we had to take for a long time. "Lezzies", they said. We finished at the top of our class in academics, but we were nobodies because we didn't fit in, or want to. Even some of the girls had made licking gestures at us with their tongues. Screw them. We were out of there. My new college would be a small, private exclusive one and I wasn't too sure about having to wear a uniform, but anything to get away from the 'dead-end kids'. No ambition, tattoos and piercings everywhere, no future, thought gangs were cool, never looked at their books, and believed school was for losers. We knew better. We were not going to be stuck there. ...A thought just occurred to me. I wondered if my mother was marrying the General to improve our circumstances. She would do anything for me. He was very nice and classy, but pretty stiff and dull from where I was sitting.

Today was my first look at the suburbs. Big trees, quiet lanes and beautiful homes. Talk about fantasyland, and I was a part of it now. It was almost overwhelming. A bummer in a lot of ways, but cool, too. My bed was the size of a boxing ring with real, original artwork on the walls, and the room had a dormer nook with crank-out windows and a heavy wooden desk. The view through the trees looked out over a fancy golf course. There was also a walk-in closet that matched Brandon's room and an easy chair for reading with a floor lamp. ...For shit's sakes. The open space was the size of a friggin' dance floor. And there were french doors opening onto a deck high up within the trees with seating and a hammock. So looking on the bright side wasn't a bad view either. I'd figure out something for Mira. But it was really fucking quiet here.

The bathroom included a separate room for the toilet that had a phone on the wall. What? The oversized tub on a dark wood pedestal in the

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