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And Two Becomes Threethis story is part of the FanClub (fm:threesomes, 7269 words) [2/3] show all parts

Author: Mr. X
Added: Sep 03 2018Views / Reads: 2655 / 2149 [81%]Part vote: 9.62 (21 votes)
Mark and Lindsey come to an agreement regarding her mother and decide to fulfill a request for Amy, Lindsey's best friend. Fits in First Time, threesome and a couple of others.

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A little less than a month had passed since Lindsey and I had reconnected and subsequently started fucking. In that time, we had become almost inseparable. The plus side to sleeping with your best friend, who you had always been around, was that it was not uncommon for one to end up at the other's house overnight.

Dating had been a learning experience over the past month however. While our friendship was stronger than ever, we were having to learn how to deal with certain things. Lindsey hated things that she could not control, like attention I would get from other women, and I was not fond of the constant push to arrange dates for her friends. Do not get me wrong, I liked her friends, I thought they had potential, but they were not getting high marks for attractiveness. Some were cute, but I did not want to have to deal with a hit it and quit it type situation, which knowing the males I knew, would be the case.

Sitting at the counter of the small boutique Lindsey worked, I flipped through screens on my IPAD. Lindsey sat next to me putting price tags on the ugliest tops known to human kind. "Some one is actually going to buy these?" I asked sneering at it. She nodded. "I have not built this place to the level that it is, with out knowing what will sell Mark." She said paying attention to the tag.

I turned slowly, "Built this?" I questioned. She turned to me, "yes. I own the store. Cashed out my college fund my grandparents set up and ...

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