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The Medical Group Employee threesome has a relapse that needs more care.

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Caregiving Assistance

The Delano Medical Community (DMC) was abuzz with activity when Patrice, aka Patsy, flew across the parking lot and up to her office on the third floor of the Main Hospital. Patsy is the Head Honcho of the Registry Division. She had her mind set on the task of having to make a purchase of four new lawnmowers to replace ones that were no longer candidates for maintenance. The engines were certified as junk, the outer shells were ancient and unsafe because of the rusted, aging superstructure. Admittedly, they were ancient equipment and budget busters as failures. However, instead of lawnmowers she received phone calls. Walking through the door, without a Good Morning greeting, her Aide handed her a pink Memo marked urgent with the phone number of Dr. Evan Dorsey, Head of Trauma and the leading head trauma physician of the DMC. The Aide informed her that it was the third call and Dorsey was described as pacing the floor.

She dumped her briefcase, picked up the phone and punched 4440, Dorsey's phone number on the DMC system. He personally answered on the second ring. He said, "Dorsey here and I assume it's Patsy because it's your number. Do you have time for me this morning? Now would be good. I'll spring a tenner from the wallet and buy the coffee and Cinnabon's in the Doctor's Dining Room if you'll say yes.

She laughed to herself as she replied, "How can turn down the offer of ...

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