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Leo (mm:oral sex, 5179 words)

Author: Satyros
Added: Sep 04 2018Views / Reads: 305 / 234 [77%]Story vote: 10.00 (3 votes)
An innocent teeth cleaning leads to much more as I end up in a hot suck-off session with the handsome hygienist in the menís room.

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An innocent teeth cleaning leads to much more as I end up in a hot suck-off session with the handsome hygienist in the men's room.

The tedious sound of the alarm penetrated my consciousness. I tried not to groan or give into resentment as I peeled back my eye mask and turned it off, squinting in the bright light of the early morning. I was relieved to see that my wife was snoring peacefully next to me, I hadn't woken her up. I glanced down to see the tent I was making in the sheets, my stiff pecker jutting up insistently. I reached down and gave myself a few strokes, wondering if I had enough time to get off before I headed to my appointment. My hand felt good wrapped around my erection and I relished the feel as I stroked myself from the balls to the tip, squeezing gently as I made my way up. I stifled a little moan as I checked the clock - the answer was no. Guess my wank would have to wait until my teeth were clean, I thought.

I took a piss through my hard dick, enjoying it a bit more than I maybe I should have. With a sigh, I got dressed, pushing my morning glory into my pants and tried not to focus on my sexual frustration. It was proving to be a rough summer with me laid off and my my wife laid up. She was on temporary disability from work and it had been a long, dry time since we had done any kind of nasty. I quickly made some coffee, shoved a half-stale croissant into my craw and very carefully brushed my teeth. Coffee in hand, I headed out the door into the late August sunshine, enjoying the short walk to my early appointment at my new dentist's office. In no time at all, I had guzzled it down and was already riding the caffeinated wave when I opened the door and presented myself to the two ladies at the desk.

A pile of forms and some morning banter started off the visit and I filled them out and returned them. I waited for a minute or two, my caffeine high turning into jitteriness. Like everybody else, I didn't necessarily love going to the dentist, but this guy couldn't be closer and my wife and gay buddy loved him. It was covered by our insurance and I had the time, so I went to get my cleaning and hoped that he didn't find any cavities or other problems.

I was escorted into the exam room and took my place in the chair. As dental chairs go, it was quite nice and faced a window with a lovely view of our part of town. I settled in, trying to relax. The assistant came in and we took a full set of X-rays. She was very gentle with her task, carefully placing the device in my mouth so as to cause me the least discomfort. Her soft eyes, so close to me, registered genuine concern as we struggled for a moment to get the unwieldy plastic in place and then take it out of my mouth. "Sorry, I have kind of a small mouth," I apologized sheepishly. "I just don't want you to be uncomfortable," she said through her surgical mask. "OK, all done. The X-rays look great! Good job," she said, and placed a reassuring hand on my knee. I relaxed a bit, embarrassed that my nervousness was so obvious. Still, I'm sure they had lots of nervous patients, so I decided to forget about it. She picked up her things and turned to walk out, giving me just a momentary view of her fine ass and shapely, stockinged legs as she left.

I was alone for a moment, taking in the fourth floor view. The late summer California sun lit up the buildings below and the cloudless sky smiled down on the city. I stretched a bit in the chair, settling in for what was sure to come next, the scraping and spit-sucking cleaning itself, which probably no one looked forward to. My dread was interrupted by the entrance of the receptionist, a cute young thing with bold lipstick and expertly drawn-in eyebrows. I noticed that she had on a tight, low cut blouse which generously showed off her lovely cleavage. She bent over to write something down on her clipboard and I got an even better view than the one out the window. I felt myself getting a little hard. When was the last time I had had a good squirt?

She looked me in the eyes and smiled. She had very pretty eyes, with just a touch of 1950's cat's eye make-up to give her just a hint of pin-up sexy. I hoped that my horniness wasn't as obvious as my nervousness and I tried to clear my mind. "Your hygienist will be with you in a moment," the receptionist informed me with a slightly sultry smile. I had to admit, this was definitely the nicest dentist that I had ever been to, with tasteful decor, very modern looking

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