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The Power of Suggestion (fm:one-on-one, 2893 words) [3/5] show all parts

Author: Joyce Picture in profile
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Cindy wants to pretend we're having unprotected sex, so I get to tell her how much I'd love to get her pregnant.

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My girlfriend Cindy and I had what will probably be our only threesome, at least with another guy. Afterward, I let it slip out that I'd love to see her with a pregnant belly as long as I knew it was mine. She made it clear that she's not ready to have a kid. I let her think that I'm only turned on by the form. I was afraid if I told her how sublimely happy it would make me, I'd scare her even more.

I can't enjoy Cindy's two best features at the same time. There's no mistaking that she's Asian when you look her adorable face. Maybe it's just because I'm in love with her, but when I see her naked from behind, her hips and butt practically scream out for me to plant my seed and watch it grow.

A couple nights later, she called me. "Is the pool still gonna be open Friday night?"

"Are you asking if I'm working that night?" I get a break on my rent for lifeguarding a couple days a week, but the season was coming to an end.

"Yeah," she admitted.

"No, someone else has that shift."

"Great. I wanna come over."

"I'd love it."

She added, "And stay the night. Is that okay?"

I told her, "You can always stay here." I managed not to add, "for the rest of your life." I tried to make out like we were just fuck buddies, but she's the only one I was fooling.

"But I have some instructions for you."

I'd "controlled" her a couple weeks ago, so I guessed it was her turn. "Go ahead," I said.

"You can tell me how you'd like to get me pregnant. You can even tell me how sexy I'll be. In fact, I'd like that."

"I can manage that," I assured her.

"But don't talk about babies or family."

"I think I can avoid that too," I said, and I was pretty sure it was true.

"And this is important. Even though I'm on the Pill, don't mention that fact either," she continued. "In fact, don't even remind me that we had this conversation."

These all seemed pretty reasonable, although the last one seemed odd. "Is that all?" I asked.

"One more thing. Get us some good dinner, 'cause you're going to needs lots of stamina," she concluded.

"What time?" I asked.

"Can you be ready at 6:30?"

Some sort of reality was hitting. I countered, "How 'bout seven? There's construction by my job and I don't want you waiting too long in whatever sexy outfit you have planned."

"Be good and ready, then."

"I will be."

She did her best to sound sultry as she said, "Bye!"

I was pushing it to have the oysters ready by seven. I know they're not really aphrodisiacs, but I hoped the power of suggestion would help get

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