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My Cashfag (mm:domination, 2925 words)

Author: Máster Phillip
Added: Sep 06 2018Views / Reads: 245 / 157 [64%]Story vote: 9.00 (1 vote)
How I understood I have natural dominance over most guys.

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It was a Thursday night when I saw a post while browsing Facebook. Tom, that cute awkward little guy who was obsessed with me in highschool just became CEO in a real estate company.

Back in the day, he would stare at me all day while we were in class, he would go just to the parties I also went. That poor guy did everything I told him to, and he didn't even complained. He slipped a "thank you" one time I asked him to do my homework because I had 2 chicks going to my place.

I didn't bully him. To be honest, I was pretty nice with him. I didn't care if he showed a tent in his pants every time he came to say hi to the gym. I would even take my shirt off and flex in the mirror when he was there -quite obviously just for me-. I know fags can't help it. They worship real men, that's just how it is.

I grew kinder the last year of school. I even let him be my friend, sort of. We would hang out at my place, play videogames or talk about fucking girls (I would do most of the taking). He somehow always made it sound fair that he paid for the usual pizza and cleaned our mess. He was always eager to do that kind of stuff, like I was doing him a favor by letting him. I just went along with it and I ended up like the nice jock who was nice with the little guys. Points for me.

The last couple of weeks I started getting bored of him. It was always the same, he would just stare at me and drool. I tried to get rid of him by being mean but it didn't work, he was as happy as ever. I started giving commands, not asking nicely for stuff.

-Go get me a beer from the fridge- I would say while he was doing my homework and I was playing video games. He immediately stood up and went get me one.

I was used to him being "nice" but I didn't know how far this could go. I decided to find out.

He was cute and lame at the same time. I could always feel his eyes on me. I could sometimes smell his nervous sweat when he was close to me. He would get shaky and he would start combing his dark short hair with his hands when he talked to me.

It wasn't that weird between us, anyone could have said we were good friends. Except we both knew I was letting him be around me.

It was last week of classes, then we all would go to different places. I decided it was time to find his limit. He was working on my final project while I was sitting on the bed playing videogames with my feet hanging. I looked at him and as if it was his responsibility I said:

-My feet are aching. -So...? - he said rather confused. -Massage them. -I ordered while taking my shoes off.

I saw a glow in his eyes and he practically ran to my feet. He started rubbing them almost in trance. Taking his time with every single inch. His hands felt so respectful touching me...

-Hey, have you seen this new show on - I immediately kicked his face with my bare feet. -Did I tell you to speak? -No, sorry- He went all red and look down while he continued. - Hey, I'm gonna order a steak from this new fancy place. Get me your wallet. You can have the pizza leftovers from yesterday. - He reached his back pocket without a second thought and handed me his money. -Thank you, Sir.

We both locked eyes in surprise, which was followed by me grinning and him getting more red than I thought possible.

-This is gonna be a fun week...


Anyways, that's how it all started. Figure out the rest couple of days. We ended up in different schools and hadn't heard from him until now.

There he is. His pretentious silly profile picture wearing a blue suit, like he was a respectable man. Like he even was a man.

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