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The Time has Come (fm:older women/men, 5746 words) [3/3] show all parts

Author: Mr. X
Added: Sep 10 2018Views / Reads: 1322 / 981 [74%]Part vote: 9.69 (13 votes)
Mark receives the green light from Lindsey, and Camille's life changing lesson will commence. Multiple themes, first time, female domination, One-on-one

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My cock slowly went limp and Lindsey's ass pushed it out. It was not her most favorite things we did, but after she adjusted, she was easily excited by it. My own cum drained out of her, coating my cock with the creamy gooiness that I had deposited.

We had just spent the last hour testing our limits. Lindsey sighed deeply and contently as she came down from her orgasm. She was either covered in or leaking out my bodily fluids. "I love that you will try new things." She said dreamily, "Pushing that dildo in and out of you was a work out."

I had conceded to letting her peg me as it only seemed fair since I was almost ripping her apart from our sessions of anal. "Next time, more lube." I muttered as I kissed her neck. "Pay off was worth it though from what I could see." She mused.

She wasn't wrong, the massaging of my prostate with the moderately sized strap on had caused me to shoot a load from one side of her queen mattress to almost the other, and then drain the remaining contents of my balls on an assorted combination of sheets, comforter, and pillows.

I pulled her in close. Usually we showered, but tonight, we were just going to give in to sleep. Tomorrow would probably not be pleasant with the dried cum causing everything to be glued to us, but we didn't care at this point.

"So Amy and James hooked up." She added quietly, "And she is apparently playing dominatrix to my dad now." I could hear a little bit of regret in her voice. "Jamie." I yawned. I had suggested that Amy play with her. She had boobs, she had a cock. She was willing to be discreet and Amy needed someone who would not rush things. "You control her, and if your dad likes to be under her thumb and suck cock, let him." I stated.

I could tell she was not thrilled about the development, but her parents each had their own things that excited them. For her dad, A pre-op trans-sexual and an 18 yr old girl telling him what to do and how to do it. From what I understood, he did not even touch Amy, she just came along and joined forces with Jamie like Lindsey had done with me for her.

Then there was Camille. In the past couple of weeks, Lindsey had loosen the reins and let me have contact with her. It ranged from early evening surprises, where I would sneak up on her, reach into the ratty tank top she wore and tease her nipples, while letting my cock rub against her back to catching her off guard when she bent over and running my cock between her legs and lips with no penetration.

Being taller than her, my cock hit her almost mid back, and the one time I had spun her around, any doubt in my mind about the relation of my dick to her tits was put to rest when her nipples landed squarely at mid shaft level.

I had let her run her tits up and down my shaft a few minutes before I turned and walked away, telling her that her daughter had not said yes yet. A few seconds later, I had heard a door shut and the tell tale signs of the Hitachi wand doing its work.

"Next time Amy plays with us, I want her to know I am in charge. I am going to tell you exactly what I want, and I want you to have your way with her. She likes to tie people up, I think she should have the same experience, you know, for research sake." Lindsey announced. My cock would have stirred at the thought had I had any ounce of energy left.

Kissing her ear lobe, I muttered my agreement and asked the question that I knew she was dreading. "When do you want me to take your mom? We are going to have to throw her something here soon."

Lindsey slowly turned over so we were chest to chest, and subsequently, both now coated in my cum. She sighed in frustration. "Tomorrow. I have to go to my grandmother's house for the night to help her with some computer thing. You can do what ever you want to her. Just make it rough. I want her to feel like a used whore. Nothing passionate, just use her like she means nothing." I nodded in agreement, I was not going to push that part. She nuzzled down into my chest.

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