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Getting to know Mike (fm:adultery, 720 words)

Author: Anonymous
Added: Sep 10 2018Views / Reads: 1763 / 1 [0%]Story vote: 7.25 (4 votes)
A young girl will get to know her bfs bully more

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All characters are 18

A new day started at 6 a.m as the alarm bell woke Jane up, as usual she had to force herself out of bed to avoid going back to sleep. Her petite asian figure made her way to the shower where the frowny look on her face soon withered away as she got on with her morning rub. Images of hung muscular men popped up in her mind as she began to go deeper and faster, but she soon went back to reality as her mother called her for breakfast. Reality was for her quite plain, the same things seemed to happen every week; boring days at highschool and boring weekends with her bf with whom she felt more and more distant. Hopefully the end of highschool was near, very near in fact, prom was merely two weeks away.

Having finished her small breakfast, she decided to head to school with her forced smile on her face, she joined her bf to walk with him, unfortunately as the lovers barely had the time to greet each others, a group of jocks showed up in a sports car. They immediatly recognized them; they were Mike's gang as they called them. Mike was a snob rich kid with very masculine features, he was hated by almost every "unpopular" people in class as his arrogant manners lead him to hurt physically and émotionnally many people; such as Jane's bf, Dylan. He had this strange habit of disturbing people from the comfort of his driver seat, but this time he had a surprisingly nice attitude. He smiled at both Jane and Dylan and said " Hey, you two, listen ive got a free seat today, anyone of you need a ride ?" Although reassured they both gently declined his proposition but he kept insisting on it, and when Mike insists on something, it means he would be very angry if you decline, and dylan knew that very well. " you can go Jane, its no problem." She directly understood the reason behind this sentence, and she agreed with it.

She went in the front seat and tried not to panic much even though she was pretty scared at first, Mike's reassuring smile and voice made her worries vanish. - " you know i think you and i got off on the wrong foot" - " i guess..." -" We idiots did not realise we were actually hurting you guys, we just thought it was fun you know " - " i get it " she said while still avoiding eye contact. - " I see you're still suspicious of me but i dont blame you, i thought about how i could beg for your pardon and ive figured out i should invite you to my party on friday " Jane was not much of a social butterfly, parties were for her an alien concept, she didnt hesitate to decline the offer. " Cm'on i insist " -" uh ok i guess" The discusion ended as they arrived in front of the highschool and all the group got out of the car to head for the class room. The boys escorted Jane, with even mike having his arm around her, but that surprisingly did not disturb her a lot. After that ride she now thought of Mike as a pretty nice guy deep inside, she already almost forgave him. Without her hate filter on her view she could for the first time notice how good looking he was. His muscular body and arm could be noticed through his tight shirt and his chiseled face covered by his golden hair was quite attractive, she now could understand how most of the girls felt nervous around him. After having slided a piece of paper with his number on it in her pocket, Mike and his group went back to their respective seats.

The rest of the day was going as usual even though her thoughts began to be invaded by Mike for some reason. She decided to go back home directly after school so that she can rest a bit and get him out of her head. But as soon as she entered her messy bedroom, she received a text from an unknown number. " Hey Jane, how are you doing ? ".

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