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Grinding My Landlady The Right Way -- A Gabby Quinteros Fantasy (fm:seduction, 2727 words) [1/2] show all parts

Author: Anthony_K Picture in profile
Added: Sep 12 2018Views / Reads: 1093 / 796 [73%]Part vote: 9.38 (13 votes)
A fictional fantasy involving Latina adult performer Gabby Quinteros as my landlady, giving me an offer I simply can't refuse...with an ass grind as langiappe. Any resemblance to the actual performer or anyone else involved in this fantasy is strictl

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Grinding My Landlady The Right Way (A Gabby Quinteros FantasyFic)

by Anthony_K

(Note: Although this fantasy tale is based upon and dedicated to the real life and truly sexy Latina porn performer/actress/fitness model Gabby Quinteros, it is still fictional in nature; and any relation between the descriptions and accounts of this story and Gabby's real life and/or her performances is purely coincidental. Essentially, this is just a very hot stroke fantasy; use it as you will.)

It's not easy when you are single and in your 50's. Especially, when you work the graveyard shift overnight and don't have the time or the inclination to have an outside social life. My days usually get spent either sleeping off the stresses of my night job or using porn as a substitute for easing the usual sexual urges. Even when I get time off, my generally shy, "don't bother anyone and they won't bother me" personality keeps me from actively going out to play the field....and I really thought that my advanced age had placed me beyond "the market" of desirable partners, anyway. So, I basically stick to staying inside my little apartment space, cruising the Internet or watching TV. The only time I generally emerge outside my space is when I leave to go to work or when I pay my monthly rent to my landlord. Since I do have a steady job which I am pretty damn good at, I'm easily able to make my payments; and since I tend to myself and cause no trouble, I am in good standing with my apartment supervisor.

At least, when he was my sup. Around two weeks ago, I found out that he had sold the apartment complex I lived in to a "very comfortably wealthy" group, and that a new landlord would be moving in. The day before he left, he had a meeting of all the residents, where he assured them that there would be no negative changes or rent increases, and that the new person would meet with everyone to insure the transition went smoothly.

I basically thought nothing of it, and went among my business as usual. Because everyone knew my schedule, they knew that I would normally be sleeping during the daytime hours, so they knew not to disturb me during the daytime unless it was an emergency.

During the first week of the transition, nobody interrupted me, so I assumed everything was going normal. The second Friday of the month was when I normally paid my rent, so I figured that then was when I'd finally get to meet the new landlord.

When I ultimately did, I got a surprise.

I stepped into the main office where I usually drop off my rent deposit. The secretary took my deposit and said, "Thanks, Mr. K....have you met the new owner of the building yet?"

I responded, "Actually, no, I haven't as of yet."

"Well, if you want to meet her now, she's right here."

Anna, the secretary, then went on her phone. "Ms. Gabby?? Anthony K is here to pay his deposit. You want to see him?"

Through the speakerphone, I could hear the response: "Yes, Anna...please send him in. I believe he's the only one I haven't seen." Anna then hung up and smiled at me. "You can go right in. It won't take long."

I walked into the plush office, with thoughts of an older conservative lady in my brain. Oh, but was I wrong.

What caught my eye at first was the sight of this gorgeous middle-aged Latina, looking to be in her 30's, with medium black-with-red-streaked hair, alluring brown eyes, and a distinct Mexican accent that accentuated her perfect English. From the paperwork on her desk I could glimpse her name: Gabby Quinteros. From the perfectly fit and proportionally sized body wrapped in a professional yet still quite provocative power suit, I could tell that she worked out regularly. From the way her attire still managed to show off some very arousing....shall we say, physical assets, she was no conservative. In

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