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Chapter Thirty-One. 2011. (fm:slut wife, 4385 words) [32/32] show all parts

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1. Denouement. 2. Rough Encounters.

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Sandi's Erotic Adventures.

A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many years.

Chapter Thirty-One. 2011.

(Late-May.) Denouement.

My initial concerns that Les would hear about my little peccadillo with his sons proved groundless and my affair with him continued to flourish during the early part of the year. However, that was about to change.

It was the first time I'd been called upon to house-sit since my escapade with the brothers last year. I was at the house for three days/two nights and on the first evening Les paid me a visit as we'd arranged when I'd seen him four days earlier at our house.

The second day dawned bright and sunny so after a light lunch I decided to sunbathe on the rear lawn. I hadn't packed a bikini as being so early in the year I assumed it would be too chilly. No problem, I've sunbathed nude plenty of times by now so that's what I did.

I suppose I'd been laying on the rug for an hour or more, initially reading but by this time dozing in the sun, when Edward suddenly appeared.

"I rang the front door bell and seeing your car was here I assumed you must be round the back," he explained beginning to undress. "Handy you being starkers, saves time."

"What about your wife?" I asked, disconcerted by Edwards unexpected appearance.

I knew from Les that his grand daughter had been born eight months earlier.

"She's on her period and unavailable at the moment so hearing you were here I thought I'd pay a call. I have a large sexual appetite and as your cunt is available and my wife's isn't I thought I'd make use of it."

Not particularly happy about the situation and the idea of being used by Edward simply to relieve his frustration, I nevertheless kept my own council as he mounted me. Edward grinned down at me as my legs automatically flew apart and then drove his penis deep inside.

My cries were ringing out then as Edward fucked me vigorously and soon came.

"Bloody hell, what do you think you're doing!"

Edward rolled clear and I was stunned to see Les standing there with a shocked expression on his face. I have no idea if his words were addressed to me or his son.

I instinctively reached for a towel to wrap around my lower body, feeling strangely embarrassed to be naked in front of Les, despite having had sex with him perhaps seven hundred times during the last four, nearly five years. Perhaps it was simply an automatic reaction caused by the shock of his sudden appearance.

"Cool it dad, Linda will never know; I'm assuming you won't tell her."

With Les continuing to berate his son, or was it me, an exasperated Edward said, "Anyway, Andy had her first and even your beloved Charles has been there. She's a very sexy woman is our Sandi."

"What!" Les shouted, looking about the garden.

"No, not today. Last year when you were away on holiday Sandi took us all on, singly and together. The woman can't get enough."

Fully dressed by this time Edward departed, perhaps keen to get away from his father's anger, leaving Les contemplating me with a mixture of

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