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Another Set-Up by Britt? (fm:threesomes, 5517 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: Littletommyd Picture in profile
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Gary becomes wary of another Set-Up when Britt leads him into a threesome.

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Another Set-Up by Britt?

The last four months has seen the New Orleans branch office blossom into a leader in development and advancement of client service, growth in numbers, and assets under management. Me, I don't claim any of the credit. I merely supervise the office, however, the decision to domicile me in the office freed up our manager, Britt Bellevue, to zero her efforts and concentrate on growing our operation instead of supervising staff. The relationship that Britt forced on me through a blatant set-up has also worked extremely well as it overcame my dismay while providing stability I sorely lacked prior to meeting Britt. For that, I'm grateful to her. In addition, I thoroughly value the time I spend with Britt, in bed and out. But, keep quiet about our involvement, it's not known within the general office staff—yet! I think!

Britt suggested, and the Board agreed, to institute simple recognition markers of our staff. Birthday cakes and flowers, lunches with me the partner/supervisor, bonuses when new designations were earned, recognition of accomplishments of staff family members and other initiatives that are worth triple the cost. Although, the lunch with me baffles me as to why it means so much to an employee but according to Britt, it is a valued honor.

We are coming upon the Veteran's Day Holiday. One of our staff members, a former Air Force Captain, a Registered nurse, was been promoted to full Financial Analyst. I received a note from Britt advising me of reservations at Commander's Palace on the Monday preceding the Holiday where I would host Jeanne Duplechain to recognize her accomplishments. If you're not a Cajun, her names is pronounced Shaun Do plea shaun. Yes, it took me a while to learn the nuances of Cajun/Creole names and I'm still learning. I noted the date in my iPhone calendar so as to be reminded.

That Monday, the mailroom manager came to my office and left me an envelope for Jeanne. It contained her bonus and a letter of recognition, which I removed from the envelope and signed before sealing the envelope. At eleven, I summoned Jeanne to my office where we chatted for a few minutes before we left for the restaurant. In addition to my own recognition of her stately beauty, her outstanding bosom, her fine-tuned tightly clad ass, I learned that she was a Thibodeaux native, a graduate of Nichols State, an ROTC standout, and had been stationed at the military hospital on Okinawa during her active service as an OR Nurse. She stated that she had tried the civilian hospital route as an OR Nurse at a Slidell hospital before realizing that it wasn't her cup of tea. I checked my watch, stood and led her to the garage where I kept the car. We drove up St. Charles, turned toward Commander's Palace and stopped for the Valet.

We were seated at a table for two in a secluded corner of the upstairs dining area. Since we were frequent guests, this was the area usually held for our reservations. I noted that Jeanne seemed to be impressed so I asked, "Is this your first visit to Commander's?"

She faced me and with a tight smile, she nodded as she said, "My family worked the sugar mills on Lafourche Bayou. We could barely afford Popeye's when we infrequently came to New Orleans. Eating in the Quarter other than having a treat of Beignets at Café Du Monde, we stayed on the poor side of cuisine. If I hadn't earned a full scholarship at Nichols, I could never have become a Registered Nurse. Military life was luxury to me believe it or not."

I put my hand over hers and said, "I think I understand, Jeanne. My family wasn't much better off. Although my Dad was a pharmacist with Walgreen's, my Mom's medical bills ate up the income. I can relate." She nodded sadly.

The wait staff congregated at the table and set out water glasses, bread sticks, and presented menus for our selection. I told Jeanne, the sky's the limit so don't hesitate to order what appeals to you. I can assure you that any selection is exquisitely prepared for your palate." She smile fully for the first time today.

We both ordered the crawfish gumbo, broiled flounder, the vegetable medley and a baked, fully loaded potato. I ordered a bottle of

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