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Rendezvous (fm:romantic, 4336 words)

Author: Jade
Added: Sep 15 2018Views / Reads: 1120 / 664 [59%]Story vote: 9.67 (9 votes)
A short story of two people in relationships find themselves intensely attracted to one another. The best part about it, is you the reader gets to finish the ending to your liking.

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Deep in her heart she knew she shouldn't be thinking about him while Shaun was such a wonderful boyfriend but she couldn't help herself. It was a temptation that she couldn't ignore; her body wouldn't let her, it betrayed her better judgement. Jade prided herself on being a great friend to Jeena. They had been best friends since the fourth grade, always together, friends forever. They understood that the key to any successful friendship was honesty, loyalty and love. So they pledged to always keep it 100, never dip in each other's pond and never wear each other's clothes without permission. It seemed cute back then and since they had never had a reason to pull the pledge card, life went on as it always had, normal until Jeena met a man named Jacob. Jade never thought twice about the strays Jeena would bring home because there had been so many. She felt like men were a mere distraction for her personal pleasure, and then she'd move on to the next challenge, so it was uncommon for Jeena to want to have dinner so early in the relationship when she had just met him. Ring! " Hey girl, what are you doing tonight?" Jeena asked Jade. "Hey you, not much, Shaun will be over later." She said. "Great, I'm coming over tonight because I want you to meet Jacob. "Who's Jacob?" "Only the man I think I'll marry. " She laughed. "And what happened to what's his face?" Jade asked. She just couldn't keep up with all of her boy toys. "Who Barry? He wasn't for me." Jeena snarled, "What about Davis, wasn't he marriage material?" Jade joked. "Of course he was, only problem with that was his wife." Even she had to laugh at that. "We'll be over around 7 for drinks so be ready." "But, but." Jade stuttered. "See you tonight, bye." She hung up before Jade could protest.

By the time Jeena and Jacob arrived, Shaun had just gotten there himself. Appetizers were out, the red wine was breathing, white was on ice and the last of the wings were in the oven, all in all she was pleased with the turn out. She loved to host small get to togethers. "Babe, I'm not staying tonight, I have a paper to write, and a test to study for. It would be so much easier if I didn't have to leave to go to my own apartment." He said with a slight smile knowing that he was getting ready to start a small playful disagreement. "Shaun, we've talked about this before and I'm not ready for a live in boyfriend, you know that, besides, absence makes the heart grow stronger and I'm looking forward to showing you just how much I've missed you." Jade replied as she bent over to pull out the last of her appetizers. He grabbed her by the waist and persuaded his semi hard penis to open her pleasures as he rubbed her with him, moving his hips in example but before he could respond to her play on words, the bell rang. " Fuck, I'm definitely going to finish this before the nights out." He whispered in her ear as he readjusted himself. What Jade didn't expect when Jeena walked in with her date was the reaction her body felt the moment she looked at Jacob's face. It was like time had stood still in that moment and only she and Jacob were allowed to move; it was surreal. "Jade, this is Jacob and Jacob this is my very best friend Jade and her boyfriend Shaun." She introduced them but it felt as if their souls had crossed paths once before, somewhere in another lifetime. When he looked into her eyes, that same cosmic spark had also ignited the fire in his loins and time for him had moved just as slow. "It's nice to meet you, come on in and make yourself at home." She welcomed them and then excused herself for a minute.

She needed a minute to gather her thoughts because she had no clue as to what had just happened. She went to her bedroom, closed the door and sat on her bed in a daze. A few minutes later, Shaun had followed her into the bedroom. "Babe, where's the bottle opener, Jeena is getting ready to go bartender crazy; she bought a bottle and wants to experiment. Hey are you ok?" Shaun asked as he sat next to her on the bed. Jacob was probably the most beautiful man she had ever seen. His skin color though dark in pigment, glowed in gold. His eyes seemed like they were a grayish green, a piercing gaze that might change a woman's religion; a definite rarity for a black man of his skin color and damn no phrase could have fit this man any better; the darker the berry, sweeter the juice. God blessed him all the way around and she found herself wondering what other wonders laid beneath his clothes, what bulging wonders..... " I'm ok, just felt a little moist thanks to you." She explained as she kissed Shaun on the cheek. "I'll be out in a minute." "You know, I can think of a better way to utilize that minute." He motions her eyes to look down at his bulge. "I see said the blind man." She laughed. "I'm going to need more than a minute my love. Besides, we can't be rude.So let her know that I'll be out in a minute. He tried. He kissed her softly, got up, readjusted him, again, smiled

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