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The Gentle Giant (fm:romantic, 1815 words)

Author: Madison
Added: Sep 16 2018Views / Reads: 1367 / 1170 [86%]Story vote: 9.76 (17 votes)
Amy discovers that her boyfriend is married. She seeks solace with an old high school friend.

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That is the only word I can come up with at the moment to describe my anger at him. He is married. All the time he has been fucking me and telling me that he loves me he has been married.

"Come on Amy," he says trying to take my hand. "I didn't tell you because it's an empty marriage. I'm only there for the kids. I'll leave her if that's what you want. I love you."

I yank my hand away from his, grab my coat and storm out of the bar. It is cold but I don't care. I walk to the end of the street and into the park at the edge of the river. Everything is frozen. The sun is about to set sending long streaks of shadows across the snow covered landscape. I continue walking deeper into the park, past the trees and to the river's bank. I sink down on my knees. I cry as hard as I have ever cried.

Darkness begins to settle over the countryside. My feet are frozen. My fingers are numb. The knees of my pants are soaked. I feel like there is a gaping hole in my soul - like someone has reached in and yanked out a part of me. How could I have been deceived like that? He seemed so kind and gentle and caring - but all along he was a liar and I was a fool.

"Miss?" A voice behind me disturbs the quiet. "Are you okay? It's awfully cold out here. Can I give you a ride somewhere?"

I wipe my face and look up at him. It is too dark to see his face. He is a big man with a heavy coat and a fur lined hood. Grief overcomes me and I break out in a fresh fit of sobbing. I feel his arm gently take mine and pull me up from the ground. I am a mess and in desperate need of comfort. I throw my arms around his body and bury my face in his chest. The tears continue to flow. He gently rests his hand on my back.

"That's okay Miss," he tells me in a gentle voice. "It's going to be alright. Why don't we go back to my truck and get you out of the cold. It's right over there."

With his arm around my back he guides me to a truck that is parked close to the river. Its engine is still running. He helps me into the passenger's seat. The rush of warm air hits me like a welcome friend. When he climbs in to the driver's side I see his face.

"John," I said. "Wha... what are you doing here."

John and I went to high school together. Back then he was a great big teddy bear - kind and gentle and very shy - somewhat of a loner. I didn't know him well - only enough to say "hi" in the hallways. I have no idea what he is doing out here, but I am grateful to be rescued.

"Amy," he replies. "I didn't know it was you. Are you okay?"

I am feeling insecure and tell him my story. He feels like a rock I can lean on for support. As I ramble on I can't hold back the tears. He puts his hand on my shoulder until I am able to regain my composure.

"I'm so sorry, John," I tell him wiping my face. "You don't need to hear all this, but thank you for rescuing me."

"Can I take you home?"

"No. That's the last place I want to go. Too many bad memories."

"I have a place a little out of town," John suggests cautiously. "You're more than welcome to hang there for a while. There's an extra bedroom if you want to crash."

I accept his offer. I sit on the couch in front of a big stone fireplace. He hands me a comforter and puts on some logs, stoking them to a roaring blaze. Slowly feeling comes back to my feet and fingers. He gives me a cup of hot chocolate which warms my belly, then sits down on the couch but not too close.

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