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Wet-N-Wild (fm:fetish, 5487 words)

Author: Erlikkhan Picture in profile
Added: Sep 16 2018Views / Reads: 1022 / 559 [55%]Story vote: 9.62 (8 votes)
Annie was on a bus and had to pee. She couldn't hold it.She did it again in a car, then and again and again. It became an obsession. Her boyfriend wasn't into it so she found an online partner to share her fetish.

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The first time it happened was an accident. Annie stopped to have a few beers with a friend before boarding a bus from New York to Boston. Forty minutes into the trip she had to pee. An interim stop in Hartford was well over an hour away. Annie squeezed her legs together trying to hold back the urge, but It was a losing battle. She squirmed in her seat and pressed her hand against her pussy hoping that would work. It didn't.

The first gush soaked through her panties before she managed to squeeze it back and stop the flow. Annie continued to fight the urge to pee but it became stronger and stronger as the minutes ticked away. The bus hit a bump causing Annie to lurch forward. The muscles she was using to contain the pressure in her bladder gave way as she caught herself on the seat in front of her. A stream of pee shot out from between her legs and soaked the seat of her jeans.

The relief was so satisfying that Annie didn't even try to suppress it. Pee flooded her seat until it was running over the edge and dripping onto the floor. It soaked into the backs of her thighs and dribbled down her calves into her socks and shoes. It slowed to a trickle. Annie squeezed until it finally stopped but not before her jeans and panties were completely soaked.

Fortunately no one was sitting beside her, but the puddle on the floor had seeped under the seat in front of her. She was able to clean it up with a newspaper before anyone noticed. Annie stayed on the bus at the Hartford stop embarrassed by what she had done. By the time she arrived in Boston her jeans had mostly dried. She reeked of pee when she hopped into the car with her boyfriend but he never said anything.

The second time it happened was two weeks later. Annie was on her way home from work. There was a lot of traffic and she had to pee. She thought back to the bus trip. It had felt good to let it go and feel the warmth of pee soaking into her jeans and panties. Once she got over the embarrassment Annie realized that peeing herself had actually been exciting. She thought about it a lot.

She wasn't wearing jeans this time - just a skirt and panties - and she was in the car. Annie decided that letting out a little trickle would be okay. She soaked the crotch of her panties and felt it spread to her ass before she squeezed back the flow. Annie slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy through the wet panties. She let out another trickle and felt it flow through her fingers. She moaned when a fingertip found her clit.

Annie knew she had already soaked through the back of her skirt, and that if she let out more pee she would ruin the seat. She continued to rub her pussy but was finding it hard to concentrate on driving. She pulled into a strip mall and parked between two large trucks. Annie stepped out of the car and looked around to make sure no one could see her. She slipped a hand under her skirt and between her legs trapping it tightly between her thighs, then relaxed and opened her bladder.

Hot pee sprayed through her panties and between her fingers. It splattered onto the pavement below and streamed down her legs. As it slowed to a trickle Annie shoved a hand into her panties. She found her swollen clit. Leaning forward against the car she rubbed. The orgasm hit hard. Annie squealed. Her body shuddered. She finally regained her composure. Moments later a man climbed out of the truck next to her and gave her a nod. She realized he had watched the whole thing.

A few days later Annie was in the kitchen wearing gray sweatpants that clung tightly to her ass cheeks and pussy. She had to pee. No one was there and her boyfriend wouldn't be by for another hour. Annie let out a trickle. A large wet spot spread across her pussy and inner thighs. She let go with another gush that spread the wet spot to her ass. She cupped her pussy and felt the flow against her fingers. It seeped down her thighs extending the wetness to her knees.

Annie pushed a hand into her sweatpants and under the tiny patch of thong material that covered her pussy. She found her clit and rubbed it in circles. Moments later she gasped. Her body trembled. Annie slipped a hand under her pussy and let go with another stream of pee. It gushed through her fingers and ran down her legs. She curled two fingers into her cunt and let go. Pee gushed out from her pussy running down her

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Ozzie writes Wed 26 Sep 2018 20:51:

This story got me hotter than any story I've eve read!!! I want to read it every day. Can't stop all the pictures running across my brain, thankfully. Thank you so much for writing such a well told story. I want to believe it was based on a true experience, and I'm so jealous!


Dean writes Mon 17 Sep 2018 09:00:

Probably one of the hottest stories I've read on this site. I hope for your sake it was based on a true experience. Wish It could be me!


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