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A visitor at my door (ff:one-on-one, 1779 words)

Author: Jo Jo Picture in profile
Added: Feb 19 2019Views / Reads: 1018 / 746 [73%]Story vote: 9.45 (22 votes)
A knock at my door in the night leads to a steamy tryst with a girl.

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Derby University 1995:

When I was (very briefly) at Uni I maintained an entirely heterosexual profile, this despite my many trysts at school, with the girls and the nuns and two lads.

One night I was dead asleep after a RIGHT session in the Students Union bar, when I was awoken by the knocking of doors. Firstly not my door, but getting closer. Then they WERE at my door. I got up quickly and opened it. Standing at my door was a girl I knew, called Leigh. She was very drunk, and naked, in the corridor.

Quite a few people had come out of their rooms to see what was going on. Among them were a couple, and the male half was standing in the corridor, naked, with a full erection, which was glistening in the neon light either with her spit of her cunt juices. It was a NICE cock, I had a good look, and he at me, as I was naked as well.

Leigh was trying to cover her tits and pussy with her hands. I didn't bother, myself. I don't give a fuck about being seen naked, I positively enjoy it.

I am making it sound like she spent half an hour on my doorstep, not the case. I ushered her in.

Now, I did ask her how she came to be 'abroad' naked, but she didn't make much sense, quite honestly, so I can't explain it to you now.

I was drunk, she was drunk, and we were naked. So there you have it.

I told her to stop the night with me, and we would get her clothed and back into her room, in the morning.

I got back into my bed, I was still naked. I could have put something on, I could have given her a big baggy t shirt to sleep in, but in both cases, I didn't.

She got into my bed.

She seemed to relax.

"Can I have a CUDDLE?" she ventured

I was resting my head on an elbow, and regarding her.

"What SORT of a cuddle?" I giggled

"Um, a cuddly cuddle, becuase I am scared to death" she admitted

She took my hand

"Here, feel"

She placed my hand on her left breast, to feel her pounding heart.

I tried my best to not squeeze or fondle, but she had a very LONG nipple placed in the palm of my hand.

I gently withdrew my hand

"Yes" I agreed "Your heart is racing"

She moved towards me and placed her head on my large breast.

My nipple was rather erect as well, so it can't have been that comfortable.

"Hold me" she whispered sensually.

I held.

I should perhaps mention that Leigh was and is one of the most sublimely beautiful women I have ever seen. Very shy, and as she admitted to me that night she was a VIRGIN. She'd never been with a boy, or a girl. Kissing and solo masturbation, that was it. She was brand new out of

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Northern Flicker writes Tue 19 Feb 2019 15:47:

I've always been a big fan of your writing and this story cements things even more. Beautifully erotic and tender. Going to look up the painting of Leigh now. Thanks for another good read. ... N.F.

P.S. A beautiful painting and a lovely bum indeed. Would have loved to see more of her but I'll settle for that.


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