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Her New Best Friend (bi:first time, 2647 words)

Author: Pleasure-seeker Picture in profile
Added: Mar 08 2019Views / Reads: 617 / 484 [78%]Story vote: 9.61 (18 votes)
My wife wants to play at a jazz club with other guys. And wants me watch--up close. Contains MF, MFM, MM. Feedback and comments utterly adored. Thank you for checking out my story, sexy reader.

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We were sitting in our car, I in the driver's seat, Shannon in the passenger. The neon lights from the jazz club bathed us in lush blue and white light. I was nervous, excited. Shannon-looking stunning in a short skirt and halter-top-was more at ease. Her black hair glowed almost silver in the neon.

"So, we going to do this?" she asked. She leaned into my face, green eyes gazing into mine. She smelled wonderful. "It's your fantasy, yes?"

I nodded. She purred, lips near mine, and started to stroke me through my jeans. Passerby slowed, enjoying the sultry view.

She whispered in my ear: "You'll let me have all the fun I want?"

I nodded again, and leaned in to kiss her. Our lips met, while she caressed my cock deeper, faster. Her soft, pillowy lips were heaven, especially as I pictured them kissing another guy or girl as I watched.

We broke our kiss. Shannon stopped stroking me. She sat back in her seat, her large breasts glorious in the artificial light. My wife stared at the doors of the club.

"How will you know if I'm OK? If someone's touching me and I don't want them to?"

"I'll be at the bar, watching your every move, hun. Loving it, but protective--"

"That's too far...someone could be inappropriate with me so fast..."

"We could create a signal, something--"

"I've got it."

She turned to me, smiling again, but with more mischief.

"Take off your ring.........do it, come on."

I licked my wedding ring to loosen it, and pulled it off. She held out her hand, and I gave the silver band to her, a bit confused. She put it in the glove compartment, hiding it below some papers.

"What about yours?" I asked.

She shook her head.

"Hear me out? I need you close. I WANT you close. But no one's going to hit on me--much less kiss me or feel me up--if my husband is sitting beside me."

"Well., what--"

"BUT if my best-friend-ever is sitting with me, that's different."

"I don't get it."

"My GAY best friend."

Oh fuck. Now I saw. Me trailing behind her goddess body. Harmless, an afterthought. Queer.

Shannon moved closer to me again, her hand rubbing my jeans.

"Baby, can't I just sit at the bar?" I moaned. Her touch felt so good. Her breath on my neck, her breasts pressed against my body.

"Too far. Way too far. Com'n, this is going to be SO hot. For both of us. (she unzipped me)....Me getting hit on, all the men wanting me, and you'll be RIGHT there, seeing it up close, sensing and smelling my body as it caves to their hands..."

(Stroking me now, my whole body panting as her warm, soft hand played with my cock)

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ezdancer57 writes Thu 21 Mar 2019 15:54:

Great story, really sounds like fun to me.


Becky and John writes Sat 9 Mar 2019 16:29:

We have not been reading stories for a while, but this got both my hubby and I fired up and we had a great time because of your story. Well written, great flow and hotter than hell! I almost orgasmed when you dropped to you knees and sucked Mason. Wow! John did! Of course my hand was helping him as he read it out loud. 😂😂😂😂 Great writing and hot! We hope you do a follow up!!


Mike writes Sat 9 Mar 2019 15:54:

I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for writing it.



Will writes Fri 8 Mar 2019 14:36:

More please


Will writes Fri 8 Mar 2019 14:36:

More please


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