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Chief Cook and Bottle Washer (fm:slut wife, 1822 words) [1/2] show all parts

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A young man working on a dive charter boat gets to play with the slutty wife of the ship's skipper.

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A gentle slap on his shoulder and the last diver stepped off the marlin board and slipped below the calm surface of the Coral Sea. The translucent water made it easy to track his easy progress along the reef to where the rest of the group awaited his arrival. I tied the rubber duck closer to the stern of the deluxe 95 foot charter boat and started the outboard, letting it run until it purred smoothly in readiness for the unlikely need to pick up a distressed customer. Even taking my time to tidy up the dive deck saw me leaning against the outside door of the well-equipped ship's galley with a good forty minutes to go before the dive group were likely to resurface from their exploration of the shallow coral reef.

"Can I help you with anything Beth?" I enquired shyly, making sure I kept my eyes firmly on her smooth, tanned face and not her prodigious bust.

"Twenty minutes earlier and I'd have had a job for you" she replied with a smile and nodded towards the neatly prepared trays of meats, pastries and salads awaiting the lunch service, "But I'm pretty sure you were helping Mrs Williams into her wetsuit about then."

I felt my cheeks grow hot with embarrassment, even though I knew I'd given the other diving customers the same time and attention I'd given to the attractive and very attentive divorcee.

Beth turned towards a shelf full of crockery and I used the opportunity to quickly fan my cheeks while making a frank appraisal of the woman who stood in front of me. Beth was my height but outweighed me by a good twenty kilos and probably twenty-five years. Her tall frame absorbed her weight well though and her ample curves were in all of the right places.

She'd introduced herself yesterday as the chief cook and bottle washer but I knew from talking to the skipper, she was a qualified dive instructor who also held the relevant coxswain qualification entitling her to run this charter when the skipper (aka her husband) was other-wise indisposed.

As she turned slightly to place a couple of small glass jugs on the counter, I admired the smooth brown expanse of the side of one ample breast that was exposed by the loose singlet she wore over the top of a bikini halter and wondered where she managed to find a spot private enough to tan herself all over.

"Enjoying the view?" Beth asked and my cheeks grew even hotter as I dragged my eyes away from her chest and fought to disguise my guilt by looking her directly into her eyes.

"No... I was...." I began but she ignored my miserable attempt at an excuse and began to carefully pour the contents of a mixing bowl evenly between the two glass jugs.

"Let me take you up on your offer to help", she continued over my dismal protest as she replaced the bowl, "Taste this salad-dressing will you?"

I looked at the oily concoction swirling around in both jugs and was grateful for the opportunity change the subject.

"Sure", I readily agreed and moved towards the jugs but I stopped as she dipped her middle finger into the neck of one jug and proffered a dripping, oily finger towards my mouth. A mouth that was hanging ajar gormlessly in frank surprise.

"I...I..." I stuttered as she moved closer but kept my mouth open as she run her slippery finger across my lips.

"It's delicious" I mumbled as I quickly swiped my tongue across my lips, "It's..."

I stopped as Beth stepped right in front of me and placing her hands on both sides of my face, allowed the tip of her tongue to delicately lick the remnants of the salad oil off of my trembling mouth.

She stepped just far enough away to look directly into my eyes,

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