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Taken by her stepson: 11> White slut in a black hood (fm:slut wife, 7548 words)

Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Mar 14 2019Views / Reads: 2062 / 1569 [76%]Story vote: 9.72 (18 votes)
With her stepson helping with the weekend shopping – Martin enjoying a morning’s golf – they run into a couple of Alex’s friends, black ones, who know, only too well, what a slut and whore his stepmother is, and, to her complete shock, make a suggestion.

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Story outline: With her stepson helping with the weekend shopping - Martin enjoying a morning's golf - they run into a couple of Alex's friends, black ones, who know, only too well, what a slut and whore his stepmother is, and, to her complete shock, make a suggestion.

For your total reading pleasure and enjoyment, the following well-written erotic story has been checked with Grammarly, a renowned on-line grammar and spell checker, while British English spelling has been used for all but one word (ass). Thank you, and enjoy reading this prolific author's latest offering, and accordingly cast a vote for it at the end if you so wish.

Author's note: For those who have not read Chapter 1, which his now been moved to the ES archive.

You will find a detailed summary of the circumstances by which Angela fell underneath her stepson's control, at the start of chapter 9 ‘A starring role for Alex'.


After Martin had left for his weekly, Saturday, round of golf, and I'd washed up the breakfast things, I made my usual list of what we needed, food wise, while not giving a second thought as to what my stepson wanted, and from me.

A Saturday morning fuck from my 18-year-old stepson had become almost commonplace the last 20 weeks. Would I miss it when he left for university in six weeks time? Only time would tell. I had certainly enjoyed all of the adventures he had encouraged me to take part in so far, in particular, and how could I ever forget it, my first double anal, one of several thus far. It was all I think about, either when he's not around and I'm on my own or when my husband and I have sex. It helps in a small way to get me closer to my orgasm, although, as usual, I find myself having to finish myself off in the bathroom afterwards, my pussy swimming in Martin's recently deposited cum.

One good thing, though, and that is my stepson isn't put off during my monthly cycle - not as far as fucking me goes, while my clit is the closest he's got to licking and sucking.

"Alex," I said, having heard the door open. "I'm just finishing up the list for what we need," I said, my pussy wet in readiness for him.

"That's quite a lot. Why don't I help you with it," he suggested from over my shoulder, his hands massaging them with slow sensuality.

"You sure. Wouldn't you prefer to be out with your friends?" I said, not wanting to keep him beyond what I had come to expect as his hands kept up their pattern while making no movement towards my tits, which, even then, were rising and falling with each deep breath I found myself taking.

"I'm sure. It'll be pleasant. Like a couple, almost," he hinted at what could never be, even though we had shared that on several occasions. All the same, it took me by surprise when he removed his hands from me and waited for me to change into a pair of shoes and return ready for shopping.

It was only a short drive to the shops. I neither mentioned or delved as to why my stepson hadn't fucked me, usually over the breakfast table with me holding my ass cheeks open for him. All the same, my pussy was burning hot for him and dripping wet against my pink thong.

In good time, we had everything I needed, everything except for my stepson's cock deep inside me. I was tempted to do some clothes shopping and pull him down an alleyway and have him fuck me in a semi-public place, something that, 20 long weeks ago, would be shameful, even with Martin, who wasn't that way inclined.

"You okay?" I said as we placed the bags, four full ones in all, in the boot. "You didn't have to come if that's what's bothering you," I intoned.

"It'll be Christmas in a month's time, then New year and university," he

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