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Half Your Age Plus Seven (fm:older women/men, 4013 words)

Author: Bloomgirl
Added: Mar 17 2019Views / Reads: 3208 / 2630 [82%]Story vote: 9.75 (44 votes)
Its the new thing apparently, older women with a younger guy - half your age plus seven. Its ridiculous of course.. or is it? I was happy being a 40 something single woman, until that night out ...

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I rolled my eyes for probably the twentieth time that evening as Kayleigh, the ditzy brunette with huge false eyelashes and those painted on eyebrows that made her look permanently surprised, missed the pins completely yet again and giggled like a pathetic schoolgirl. "Someone's going to have to teach me how to bowl properly," she said, directing her gaze at Nathan, the new guy in the office. Could she be more obvious?

He was either completely oblivious, or chose to ignore her attempts at flirting with him and started up a conversation with someone else about something on his phone. The look Kayleigh gave him was priceless. Short of sitting herself on his lap and throwing herself at him, it seemed she was not going to get his attention this evening. I couldn't help smiling to myself and I was so glad I was past all of this. I'd leave the complications of flirting, dating and sex, to the youngsters and settle for being a single but happy forty something.

With the bowling game over, there was some debate about continuing the evening. The majority opted for heading into town to the new bar that did a "Pizza and beer" deal, and we piled into various cars for the short journey into the town centre. Being a large group, the bar couldn't seat us all on one table, so we ended up split over two. Inevitably, the split was the usual groups despite this evening being an attempt to mingle more. Nathan, not really a part of any group yet, looked a little lost and something made me feel for him. Kayleigh had spotted him too and I could almost feel her trying to entice him to come and sit beside her. I had to rescue him, poor lad!

"There's a space by me," I motioned, "If you don't mind sitting with us oldies."

He looked almost relieved and joined my group and soon he was as much a part of the conversation as anyone else. He seemed a nice young man, a few tattoos on his arms, dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, with a bit of stubble on his chin. He could certainly hold his own and I could see why the young girls in the office were attempting to throw themselves at him. He wore smart jeans and tight black t-shirt that hugged his chest, showing a well toned torso. I suspected he was gay for a while, but as the beers flowed and his tongue loosened I dismissed that thought.

"Half your age plus seven," I heard Kate laugh. "So what age should I look for?" I was confused. I'd been lost in other thoughts and missed the conversation. "That's what it says here..." She shoved her phone in my face, some post on Facebook about women dating younger men and how it was apparently the "new thing". "You should date someone half your age plus seven years."

I shook my head and dismissed the pointless chat, but mentally in my head I was working it out anyway. Thirty. I needed a man that was thirty apparently. It was crazy, typical tabloid nonsense. I took a long mouthful of my beer and glanced around. They were all at it, and some were now asking random men how old they were. I heard Nathan say that he was 29 and he made an escape towards the bar. Something sank inside me, almost disappointment. This was even crazier, why was I disappointed to hear Nathan's age? I couldn't explain it.

The night progressed and the groups drifted away into their own corners. It was no longer a work party, just a normal Saturday night out in town. Lee, who was one of the designated drivers, said he was leaving and if anyone wanted a lift home they should speak up now. I saw Nathan hesitate, he lived quite a way out of town and Lee had picked him up. I got the impression he didn't want to leave but knew a taxi would cost him a fortune. I don't know what made me say it, but I found myself offering a space on my sofa if he wanted to stay out. Nathan nodded enthusiastically and let Lee leave without him.

We carried on drinking for another hour or so until it was suggested that we move on to a nightclub. That really was my limit and I said to Nathan that I was ready to go home. "That's fine," he smiled. "Nightclubs aren't my thing either."

We said our goodbyes and got a few odd looks, especially from Kayleigh. I felt her giving me an evil stare and a naughty streak hit me. I grabbed Nathan's hand as we left and we walked out hand in hand.

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Narcoleptic writes Sun 7 Apr 2019 23:01:

Intense and sexy. Really like your writing and the storylines you come up with!


Daniella Davis (guest) writes Wed 3 Apr 2019 06:11:

I enjoyed this book it really held my imagination


Jo Jo writes Mon 1 Apr 2019 08:38:

Jo xxxx


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