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Healing sometimes requires payback (fm:one-on-one, 7479 words)

Author: Mr. X
Added: Mar 23 2019Views / Reads: 1278 / 1030 [81%]Story vote: 9.60 (30 votes)
Thomas left his home town humiliated, but returning with a devious and beautiful wife who want to help him even the score, part 1 sets begins the journey to redemption and payback

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I stood there, staring at my now ex-girl friend as she opened the door to the awaiting Dale Evans Senior class. We had slipped away to fool around in a bedroom at Teddy Tillwater's party. I should have known something was wrong when she had demanded me strip and she remained clothed, but what 18 year old is actually thinking when your hot girl friend takes you into a room, locks the door, and tells you she has a surprise for you. That surprise turned out to be my humiliation and broken heart.

Kim Ito was half Japanese and half American. Thin, pretty, dainty, she embodied everything the Japanese culture offered, and her mother, the American half, had passed on the gift of breasts and height through genetics. When we had met Sophomore year, she was quiet, reserved, loved video games and sci-fi. We started dating shortly after that. I had noticed changes in here over the past couple of months, the popular crowd had taken note of her, and distance had grown between us when she started spending time with her "new" friends.

She did not vocally break up with me, but I think it is safe to say that was the outcome of her opening the door, exposing me and all my insecurities to my classmates. My 6'1'' frame was not muscular. I was just over skin and bones in fact. My 6 inch limp cock hung between my legs, covered by my hands and the kids in the main room began to laugh. Looking up, I saw the phones go up and I scrambled for clothes, hoping I could save some dignity before this hit social media. Diving over the bed, I landed on the other side, shielded. Quickly, I pulled my pants on and grabbed my flip flops and shirt. Laughter is all I heard from the crowd as I darted past everyone and ran to my car.

For the rest of the year, I was reminded of that night. Kim had tried to apologize a few times, but my response was always the same, just stay away from me. She even had wrote me a letter, telling me how sorry she was, that she had lost her best friend due to being stupid. It did not matter to me, I just wanted as far away from the small town as I could get.

That was 12 years ago. I had done a stint in the Marines, graduated Cambridge and Law school since then. "Thomas..." an English female's voice sounded, breaking off my reminiscing, "Are you still with us?" Sitting up in my chair, I looked back at my boss, the senior partner in the London, as she let out a small sigh. "Have you returned to earth?" she asked. I nodded my head and apologized. "Where do we stand on the merger?" she inquired. I quickly explained the remaining needs and advised we should have the paperwork by weeks end. "Good, you and Katie are going to that little town and are going to personally ensure the client signs the sales agreement." I nodded my head and looked over at Katie.

Katie flashed a quick smile and looked away when my eyes connected with hers. She was one of my best friends and partner in crime. So much so, she was also my roommate. I watched as she stood up. I knew her measurements, 36E-24-36, 5'4", 115 lbs, or so I assumed based on google's conversion calculator. She had been a glamour model in college and still like to saunter around like she owned the place. Pulling myself up from the chair, my boss looked at me. "Thomas, can I speak with you for a moment?" Slowly, I walked over to where she was standing, "Thomas, I need you to focus, I know this project is difficult because you know some of the people, but please keep in mind the impact this has on our client and the firm." I nodded and agreed, "Camille, I will be fine, it has just been a while since I have been home."

Ordering another pint, Katie looked at me with curiosity, "So, what are you not telling me?" I rolled my eyes as the bartender put another in front of me. "I've told you what it was like, do you really think I want to go back to that place? Plus, it is a backwoods small town, they don't have anything healthy." I answered with a half hearted smile. It was her turn to roll her eyes. "Do we get to stay with Mum and Dad?" she asked suddenly. Katie's parents had died a few years ago, and mine, when they visited, had started treating her like one of theirs. I nodded, "We aren't staying at the Motel 6."

We finished off 3 more pints before we decided to call it a night. "Come on, lets go home. I will suck that magnificent cock of yours

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Guygold writes Tue 2 Apr 2019 13:26:

Most awesome start.


woodspider writes Tue 26 Mar 2019 23:59:

Seriously ready to see how this plays out.


The Dreamer writes Mon 25 Mar 2019 19:43:

Excellent start. Get the next chapter written already!


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