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A Small mistake may have just cost Sam her marriage part 5 (fm:slut wife, 13051 words) [5/5] show all parts

Author: Romeo
Added: Mar 25 2019Views / Reads: 1333 / 1083 [81%]Part vote: 9.65 (20 votes)
Kevin finds a solution to get his wife out of the trouble she is in this is the final chapter in this series

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Continued from part 4 please read the rest of the series and please remember to vote thank you.

With each push down to the rubber balls now Samantha was squirting a jet of juice out it was a constant flow with one hand on behind her for balance the other hand was a flurry across her clit and cunt as she was now smacking her clit and rubbing it squirting everywhere, Jemma squatted in front of her gaping cunt trying to drink Sam's pussy juice as it was squirting out. Eventually Sam became exhausted from the constant orgasm and collapsed backward on to the table, the rubber cock jerking out of her arse. Her arse was stretched open it looked like Jemma would easily fit her entire fist in there. The Koreans were now cheering and clapping with delight at such a show and joyful knowing they would soon be able to abuse Samantha's holes for their own pleasure.

As soon as Kevin had cum the jealous angry rage began to take over him once more as his wife had once again been put on displayed and used for Jim's pleasure as he sat there getting angrier and angrier he looked at the screen and seen Sam just laying there naked on the boardroom table both her holes gaping open while a dozen or so men looked on. Fuck it thought he was just going to kill Jim Henderson and it would all stop he had, had enough, he never really understood why he became very sexually aroused when watching Sam to the point his cock hurt it was so hard and he needed to jerk off to release the pressure and the minute he came he became enraged with anger. His own body and inner animal behaviour had betrayed him over and over, but his mind was made up he was going to get a gun and kill Jim and anyone else that had ever touched his wife, Kevin was done being pushed around time to get his family back or die trying.

"Jim you have not disappointed me the slut will be perfect to share around my sales team I'm sure we can reach an agreement on the price, but could we find at least four more like this one I will give this one to the team her holes are to worn out for my personal use I will take the lovely Jemma for my personal use, I look forward to seeing you in Seoul next month"

"Mr Chung as usual you are most welcome I will ensure that Jemma is kept pure for you until our meeting, but Im sure your team will get a lot of enjoyment out of Samantha I will also ensure she is not fucked between now and then I'm sure her holes will have returned to normal by then, and again thank you and look forward to see you then, goodbye"

The TV screen went black, Sam and Jemma were now gathering them selves together Sam picked up her blouse but couldn't wear it as Jim had ripped all of the buttons off of it earlier, I could see Samantha had again started to cry at the events just taken place this was becoming too much for her mentally and physically.

"Get your shit together Samantha you are going to be the star attraction next month in Seoul so get you self together take the rest of the week off. Oh, and Samantha no sex with your husband and no masturbation either I want you in top shape this is a massive deal for us, and you ladies are key to its success. I will also need some family pictures you know you with the kids and hubby and stuff the Koreans love to thing they are fucking some Americans wife nit just a hooker, Jemma go get Samantha some clothes she can't leave like that"

"Fuck you Jim and fuck your Koreans I will have no part of this anymore and maybe I will just walk to my office like this naked and If anyone asks, I will tell them what you did to me"

Jim had been walking toward the door and he stopped dead in his tracks. Oh, Samantha when will you learn I'm not playing games, you mean nothing to me you are a company whore now I have taken all your normal work duties away and you exist only to fuck and make deals with difficult sales, so go right ahead do what you must but I will bury you and your husband make no mistake do not cross me or your children will be in foster care with in a week and you and your idiot husband will be in a federal prison, so by all mean Samantha do your walk of shame"

Jim turned and walked out of the room, Kevin ran from his office and headed to the boardroom to console his wife. By the time he got there Sam was on the floor in the fetial position bawling her eyes out. Kevin

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Theletterr writes Mon 25 Mar 2019 19:11:

Enjoyed it.


nosympathy writes Mon 25 Mar 2019 09:53:

Good job finishing it up.


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