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A Christian Education Part II (fm:first time, 3597 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: Dysgyzed
Added: Mar 26 2019Views / Reads: 836 / 609 [73%]Part vote: 9.64 (11 votes)
Grace is wandering in the Garden of Desire. Will The Preacher Show her The Way?

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A Christian Education Part II

Maybe it's just my imagination, but I DO believe that Wendi is looking at me very strangely here in English class. It would be impossible, wouldn't it, for her to know that the preacher, Lewis, has licked, teased and fingered a flaming orgasm out of my tight, freshly shaven virgin ... woman's part, on my 18th birthday? That I creamed all over his face and hands? That he's asked me to meet him again today? She couldn't possibly know that, COULD SHE?

No, I reflect. How silly of me! She's probably watching me because I'm dressing differently, more womanly, more proudly of my 38D-28-38 body. This morning, anticipating seeing Lewis again this evening, I put on a new black thong panty and long-line bra set with new lace edged thigh-high stockings. Along with my red wrap-around dress and three-inch black heels, making me 5'9 tall, I have to say it all sets off my white skin, deep auburn hair styled in a low pony-tail and almond-shaped brown eyes rather well.

Well, it's Wendi's friend Clevonne who admited to being bi-sexual, so I don't THINK Wendi is looking at me lustfully, but rather, curiously. I think back. Was it really just a few days ago? I didn't even know there WAS such a thing as girls who liked both women and men until I heard the little harlots talking about all KINDS of sexual stuff in the bathroom!

But truly, as I've been taught since I COULD be taught, forgiveness is best ... especially since they introduced me to the very idea of ... fucking! I still can't say, or even think, those naughty words without blushing. As I am now, when a voice comes over the intercom. "Grace C. Grace C. Come to the principal's office." I'm embarrassed again. "What now? I haven't skipped class over the past few days, so THEY can't be planning on suspending me again!" I sigh. Nothing for it but to obey and go to the office.

I break into a full smile that I quickly hide when I see ... Lewis ... standing there, looking and smelling like, if not an angel, then still a messenger of delight! It's obvious that he has a fresh haircut, his blonde hair cut short on the sides, tosseled on top, his blue eyes more sapphire than the usual pale blue-grey. It's a little strange to not see him in a Sunday suit, but beyond doubt, he still looks Delicious in a white button down shirt with black pin-stripped slacks.

My ... pussy ... starts to tingle from just looking at him, but I pretend to look concerned. I swallow hard, to stop my titties from heaving with excitement and take a few deep breaths.

"Reverend? Reverend Hunter? Is Mama alright?"

"Why, yes, Grace. Did you forget? You have a doctor's appointment today? Your mother can't get away from work now. Since I'm authorized to take you out of school, I agreed to come help. Being neighborly you know."

"Oh. Um. Yes. I HAD forgotten! But ... Ma'm?" I ask the secretary if it's still necessary that I be written out of school by a "responsible adult" since now I AM a "responsible adult." She tells me that it's really not and that he doesn't have to sign. Good. No record of our meeting. I smile. Well! This is going to be easier than I ever thought!

"Grace? Are you ready? Do you have all of your books?" There's a teasing tone to his voice, and I know he's referring to a dirty magazine that I found after fast girls left it in the bathroom. It taught me a lot. I nod and think "Sweet Heavens. YES, I'm Ready! Ready for anything this perfect Christian Educator wants to teach me, by word or demonstration."

When we get to the car, he opens the door for me. I slide into the seat and he leans in closer to me. "I want to get a scent of you, Grace. Like honeysuckle. And, I confess, the view down your dress and the way your bottom wiggles when you walk in those heels already has me iron hard. I couldn't wait for this evening to see you, so I had to come get you. I have a surprise waiting for you. I think you'll really like it. Do you want it?"

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