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Who is Raphael Garza, Part 1 (fm:adultery, 10299 words) [1/4] show all parts

Author: KK
Added: Mar 26 2019Views / Reads: 1229 / 1019 [83%]Part vote: 9.70 (10 votes)
While on a business trip a man gets a mysterious email directing him to watch a disturbing video.

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It was late Friday afternoon after everyone else had gone home except for my boss, Cam Penney, and me, Walt Martin. Cam had asked me to stop by and talk to him before I left for the weekend.

"Do you have anything pressing going on next week?" Cam asked.

"No, just finishing up a couple of reports and closing out the Blanchard project," I said. "Why?"

"I got a call that there is a seat available for the Gladstone Process software training, starting Monday," Cam said. "Would it be a problem for you to fly out to San Jose in time to start class on Monday morning?"

I had been trying to get into the GP class for six months, and I hadn't been able to get scheduled for a seat in the class until October.

"Shouldn't be a problem," I said.

"Good, because I already told him we would take the seat." Cam handed me a printout with information about the class and where I should stay while I was there.

"You'll have to make your own travel arrangements."

"I'll do that tonight when I get home," I said. "If the class starts Monday, why are you are just telling me about it now?"

"Sorry about the short notice. I got the call around three o'clock this afternoon, and this is the first chance I had to talk to you about it."

"Is Kathy going to be pissed at me for sending you away on such short notice?"

"No, she'll be okay. She knows I have been waiting to get into this class for quite a while."

"Tell her I am sorry anyway."

"I will, and if she gets angry I'll give her your home phone number."

"That's fine, I can take the heat," Cam said. "Have a good trip, and I'll see you in a week."

At home, I told my wife, Kathy, about the sudden availability of a seat in the GP class.

"It's awfully short notice, but it's good that you were able to get into an earlier class," Kathy said. "I'm not crazy about you being away for a week."

"This won't interfere with any plans you had for next week, will it?" I asked.

"No. It will be lonely here without you, but I'll survive," Kathy said. "Maybe while you're gone I'll spend a couple of evenings volunteering at the nursing home."

"Just watch out for Old George. He always thinks you're flirting with him."

"I am flirting with him, but I never thought you noticed."

"Don't let his age fool you. He would jump your bones in a heartbeat if you gave him half a chance."

"A girl can always hope, can't she? Anyway, at ninety-five years old, I don't think Old George would be up to the challenge," Kathy said with a mock look of disappointment on her face.

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