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Barbara's Reawakening (fm:seduction, 5621 words) [1/3] show all parts

Author: Blowmesoon Picture in profile
Added: Mar 26 2019Views / Reads: 2204 / 1737 [79%]Part vote: 9.71 (24 votes)
Barbara's going through a divorce.....but finds solace in an old friend.............

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Barbara sighed as she shut the door to her new apartment and leaned against it finally finishing moving all the boxes in. Her entire weekend was spent moving out of her home she had shared with her husband of over twenty years as they were now going through a divorce. Their two daughters had grown up and were now off to college leaving the two of them alone, but Barbara found she wasn't happy and hadn't been in years.

Her husband was older than her by 20 years and that had never been a problem before as he had always been attentive, caring and doted on her but as the girls got older he seemed to slow and then stop in that department. Barbara was forty-two years old and looked great, sure age had crept up on her, but she was still a very beautiful woman who wanted to be desired.

She found her sex drive certainly hadn't waned and missed someone holding her, surprising her with spontaneous sex or taking charge in the bedroom. She pulled her long highlighted blonde hair from the makeshift ponytail she had put it in as she moved boxes and shook it out around her shoulders. Her job for the last twenty plus years was in a local beauty salon so at least her hair was always attended to.

She moved to the bathroom and looked in her new bathrooms mirror and studied the face that looked back at her. Blonde hair that had black highlights underneath it that was thick and hung just past her shoulders as well as bright blue eyes that still showed signs of sparkle when the occasion arose. Along with that was a pretty face that had high cheekbones a smallish nose and thin lips that smiled back at her.

She never thought she was a stunner or great beauty, but she was confident she held her own when needed and just got tired of not feeling wanted so she told her husband she was done and moving on. He fought it, but Barbara was done and that led her to moving into her new apartment where she was going to start her new life.

Her plans were to start a new chapter and enjoy life, enjoy her grown girls and just take it one day at a time. Her phone went off and she sighed again thinking it was her soon to be ex trying to win her back but smiled when she saw who it was from. An old friend had reached out to her a few days ago just to say hi and check on her and she picked her phone to read the text.

Cole, the man who was texting her, had been friends with her for many years even before her marriage and they were great friends but never had gone out as a couple really. Cole was older than her too but only by ten years where her ex was twenty years her senior and was of mixed heritage but hearing from him of late made her smile, something she hadn't been doing lately.

Cole was always easy to talk to and had been there when her father and mother passed away as he had always been a good friend to the family and she trusted him so opening up to him was easy too. She told him about what was going on with her and found out he too had gone through something similar a few years back, so the two shared their experiences in texts back and forth.

Cole asked her if they could get together and see each other during the week whether it was for lunch or dinner and she found herself saying "yes" without hesitation in response. "Why not?" she said to herself as she typed back asking him when. "No one's asked me out in forever and no one's taken me out forever." She continued talking to herself.

It wasn't unusual for them to go out together and grab lunch as they had done it over the years but not as often as either would've probably liked. There were times they made it a family affair and her sister would go as well as Cole was a friend to her entire family.

The two old friends made plans for a mid-week dinner but then Barbara suggested he just come over to her new place and they could get take out and bring it back. Going out would've been nice but then she thought it would be nice to just stay in and talk too. Cole liked the idea as well and said he bring the food and see her on Friday.

Barbara set her phone on the bathroom counter and smiled thinking at

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kiwihef writes Tue 26 Mar 2019 19:47:

Very erotic


Jo Jo writes Tue 26 Mar 2019 13:27:


Jo x


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