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Meredith (fm:one-on-one, 3472 words)

Author: JL Picture in profile
Added: Mar 27 2019Views / Reads: 2417 / 2077 [86%]Story vote: 9.52 (33 votes)
Meredith lay out on the grass in her pink bikini. Jeff had lusted for her since they were teenagers. Today was the day.

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Jeff stood just inside the sliding door, gazing at Meredith in the back yard.

This is it, he thought. Now or never. He pulled op0en the door and stepped out into the yard. "Hey, Meredith."

"What? Oh, hi, Jeff." Meredith was in a tight pink bikini, reading a magazine on a blanket. Her skin glistened with sunscreen. She peered at him through her sunglasses. "What's up?"

Jeff sat down next to her, crossing his legs. He wore cutoffs and sandals. His chest was broad and tanned. His cock was throbbing inside his shorts.

Their parents had gotten married two years ago. They were both in high school then. Now they were in college. Different schools, but it was summer now. Meredith had a part-time job, and Jeff volunteered three days a week at an animal rescue center. That left them lots of time at home. Together. Alone.

"They're out of town this week." Their folks had left yesterday for a vacation in Mexico. "We're on our own."

"Yeah. So?" She glanced down at his crotch. "Oh. You pervert."

"Yeah." Jeff grinned. "It's about time, don't you think?"

She folded up her magazine. "Maybe."

* * *

Jeff had been horny for Meredith ever since they all moved in together. It wasn't exactly The Brady Bunch, and things had been awkward at first. His dad had divorced Jeff's mother after finding out that she'd been sleeping with at least two or three of her co-workers. Meredith's father had died in a horrible car accident.

Jeff was happy for his father—and even happier when he met Meredith for the first time. Meredith's mom Josie was cute, not quite a MILF, but Meredith was . . . hot. They met for the first time after a tennis match, and Meredith wore a short white skirt that showed off her long tanned legs and a tank top with a tight sportsbra underneath. Jeff smiled, but barely managed to speak to her over dinner.

He'd spent the next few months sneaking peeks at her body. She came in and out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, or walked around in one of her nightgowns. Most days she wore tight shorts and loose T-shirts. And, yeah, he spied on her when she laid down to sunbathe in the back yard in one of her bikinis.

Then, a few months ago, he'd spotted something new. And better.

Two-thirty in the morning. He'd been working on a term paper. After finishing it up, he went downstairs for a glass of juice. Standing in the kitchen, he heard noises from the back yard. Grunts. Cursing. Moaning. What the fuck?

He rushed to the back and grabbed the handle on the sliding door. Then he froze.

Meredith was naked. She was on top of some guy, rearing back and forth as he thrust his cock up inside her pussy. Her body churned as her boobs bounced up and down,

Jeff hid a gasp. He looked over his shoulder, making sure he was alone. Then he leaned forward, his dick rigid.

"Ohh . . ." Meredith moaned, rocking back and forth. "Up there. Right up there. Yes, yes . . ."

"Uhh . . ." The guy had short blond hair and muscular shoulders. "You're so hot . . ."

Meredith leaned down, letting her tits slide against his lips. "Quiet. Don't wake my folks. Or my stepbrother."

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