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My Wife's Best Friend & My Best Friend's Wife, Part One (fm:adultery, 2865 words)

Author: Justin Picture in profile
Added: Mar 27 2019Views / Reads: 3207 / 2662 [83%]Story vote: 9.51 (55 votes)
The story of a man named Andy, with his wife's best friend and his best friend's wife

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My Wife's Best Friend & My Best Friend's Wife, Part One

Getting into my car, I knew I had reached a point of no return. In just a few short minutes, I was going to cheat on my wife with her best friend. Ironically, it would also be with my best friend's wife. I suppose you could say I was already cheating with the lewd phone conversations, texts and pictures. But now the physical aspect would send it into another stratosphere.

Just a month earlier while on a couples-only vacation, the four of us - my buddy and his wife, Andrea....along with my wife and I....had somewhat tested some relationship boundaries. Nothing physical happened between the four of us, but we had some fun.

There was always flirting. That was almost a given. They'd been our best friends for over a decade. Sexual innuendos weren't all that uncommon, either. Innocent to most of us, so we thought. One night with all of us drinking more than we should, we went skinny-dipping.

Andrea is my best friend's wife. For 39 years old, she's a smokeshow. Even more impressive is how great she looks for having birthed three children. Of course, she's had some cosmetic procedures done that have helped, but she's quite stunning, nonetheless. Her fashion sense is exquisite. Being about 5'10" with long tan legs that seemingly stretch for days is just another trait.

I'm closing in on 42. Far from model looks, but good looking in my own right. Over the years I've managed to keep myself in shape in an effort to hold on to some youthfulness. I have relatively broad shoulders and even managed to keep a six-pack, despite my age. All in all, I'm proud of the way I look. In addition, and not to brag, I learned in my late teens that I had been somewhat blessed down below.

Back to that night on vacation. It was just kind of spontaneous down by the ocean. The girls lost their dresses and us guys stripped down to our boxers. I'm not even quite sure how, but eventually all four of us were naked. No touching. No wandering hands.

I'd be the biggest liar on the planet if I sat here and told you I wasn't checking out Andrea. Even though her bikinis didn't always leave a lot of the imagination, this was different. Her tits, while medically-enhanced, were spectacular. Her ass swayed when she ran too and from the beach. I knew she had done laser hair removal, too. Wow. The entire episode was just incredibly erotic. That's where it ended. Or so I thought.

It wasn't uncommon for the two of us to text. It wasn't all that uncommon for the two of us to flirt a little over text, either. But I'd call pretty innocent. In fact, it was nothing that I would be embarrassed to show my wife.

One day a couple weeks back I got a text from Andrea asking about a gift she was going to get her husband for his birthday. Like me, he's a golfer. And like my wife, she doesn't know a lot about golf, but had an idea for him and wanted to run it by me. Pretty innocent, right? I thought so, too.

Over the course of our texts back and forth, the skinny-dipping from our trip came into the conversation. To be honest, I'm sure which one of us led us down that road, but neither of us really cared to stop. Before long, both of us were crossing those invisible lines of being coy and taking it too far.

I complimented her. Told her how lucky her husband was to be with someone so beautiful and sexy. She complimented me. Saying how in her girl chats with my wife my ‘size' had been brought up before. Now she was able to confirm this with her own eyes.

From that point, it seemed like the both of us continued to double-down through text. Within days, the texts turned into phone conversations....the kind of phone conversations two married adults should only be having with their spouses, and not their best friend's spouses.

While I knew what I was doing was wrong, I couldn't stop myself. Seeing

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SEXYSTOCKINGS (guest) writes Wed 27 Mar 2019 16:45:

i loved that so much i'm coming my self my pussy is throbbing


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