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Wife's first threesome. FFMthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:threesomes, 4016 words)

Author: easydescent
Added: Mar 28 2019Views / Reads: 3911 / 3243 [83%]Story vote: 9.49 (35 votes)
A female work colleague and myself arrange a surprise threesome in a hotel with my wife.

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I always loved it when Gail dressed provocatively, she was a curvy sexy 40 year woman with long cascading dark hair, wherever we went she turned heads. Just as many women seemed to stare at her as men checking out her clothes, her hourglass figure and her firm breasts.

I had tried for years to get Gail to have some fun with another woman but she always backed out. We fantasised all the time about us having a threesome with another girl or at least Gail letting me watch as she had sex with a woman. She always got really turned on by these fantasies, and we even talked about what she would do to some of her close friends or women we saw while we were in public but I still hadn't been able to convince her to make it a reality.

I had to come up with a plan and create a situation where she couldn't back out. My plan started while I was chatting to a colleague whilst on a drunken works night out, we had always flirted we each other, Suzie being a pretty slim blonde woman, she was difficult to resist. We had been chatting for a while about partners and sex, but tonight because of the alcohol we confessed all our dark and hot fantasies. Obviously I told Suzie about my desire to see Gail with another woman, with Suzie confessing to having many night with other women, alone and in threesomes. During these confessions we came up with a fantastic idea which would include Gail's and my other fetish of sub/Dom games, we had always got a kick out of this Gail would struggle and protest while we did all sorts of kinky things. ...

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