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Taken by her stepson: 13> The end, or just a beginning… (fm:slut wife, 6868 words)

Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Mar 28 2019Views / Reads: 1706 / 1295 [76%]Story vote: 9.69 (13 votes)
Story outline: With my stepson finally off to university, I find myself wanting with time on my hands, only for my husband, Martin, to make a suggestion, one that leads to an unexpected meeting with two of his newest clients one late Friday afternoon.

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Story outline: With my stepson finally off to university, I find myself wanting with time on my hands, only for my husband, Martin, to make a suggestion, one that leads to an unexpected meeting with two of his newest clients one late Friday afternoon.

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Week 26 subsequently arrived. Heralding, with it, the final week of being my stepson's fuck toy. Although I very much regretted it, what I regretted most of all was Alex having to leave. He was 18 years of age to my 28. In the last six months, ever since he had filmed me playing with myself while I watched one of the several interracial videos he had hidden from his father on his PC, and threatened to post it on the internet, the rascal had opened up my eyes, mind and body to all manner of erotic adventures. Some were with his friends, while others were with complete strangers. I had my first anal with my stepson and even took two up my ass on numerous occasions. Now. Now, that was all over and I suddenly felt empty.

I did, though, get to enjoy one last, final farewell fuck on his lovely big long cock. It was the Saturday that he left for university, there to study to be a film director, only of adult films - Alex had certainly demonstrated himself to be a confident director when he filmed most of my lewd and obscene acts on his Smartphone.

He had me both over and on every conceivable piece of furniture. When I found myself facing the hall wall, the back hem of my skirt tucked in my waistband and my hands pressed against the wallpapered stone, he smacked my ass as he rammed his cock up it. He left me moaning, gasping and crying for more, as I hung suspended on his big long firm cock.

Over two long hours, since it had begun, it was suddenly over. I was laid on my bed, my body covered in what had to be six ropes of his cum - The first three still drying. I smeared it over my body as I watched him get dressed.

For the first time, I found myself humming a contented tune. I was more than satisfied. "You'll be back, when?" I said, propped up on my left side. His lovely young cock was back inside his pants and jeans.

"I'll try and make it back for half-term. You could always come and visit. Stay at an hotel," he suggested.

"Emn, I may just do that," I cooed before scooping up some more of his cum and licking it from my fingers.

"You best get up. Dad will be back from his morning golf shortly, while the sheet will need changing," he pointed out. In addition to the sweat we had both exerted, the smell of sex was noticeable in the air, while some of his delicious cum had dripped off my body to form a wet spot, several, in fact.

I got up and stripped the bed before taking a quick shower. I emerged with a towel around my hair and wearing my white bathrobe out of habit to see Alex stood there, waiting. I so wanted to shrug my bathrobe off my shoulders, run towards him and suck his lovely cock one more time, but I knew, we both knew, it wouldn't just end there.

"You're off, then," I said.

"Yeah. You've got the numbers of Gloria and the others. You shouldn't need to go without," he told me.

"Alright. Well, I best see you off, say goodbye," I intoned, fighting back my feelings as I followed him downstairs.

"Best not," I said when he went to kiss my lips, especially with the front door part open. "Think of me when you're fucking the campus sluts. I'll be thinking of you," I said and then waved him off. Out of my life until half term or whenever.

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lisa1212 writes Wed 17 Apr 2019 23:44:

Oh my God! How terrifically hot! What a brilliant ending! I did not see that coming for one second!

I'm curious. How did Angela's husband stumble upon that particular video of his wife with the 3 black decorators?


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