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Lacy Jones finds exactly what she is looking for (fm:group, 9214 words) [3/4] show all parts

Author: Romeo
Added: Mar 28 2019Views / Reads: 1531 / 1202 [79%]Part vote: 9.62 (13 votes)
Part 3, Lacy and Jake go for a ride in the bike but they dont get far before Lacy gets fucked again

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Just a quick recap Lacy met a biker while having a coffee and offers him a proposition to do some modelling work for her magazine he agrees and both Lacy and Jake get more than they thought its a sex at work story but does evolve into more I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it

After mounting the bike Lacy stood up on the pegs and adjusted her pearl beads so they ran between her lips and over her clit she sat back down tucking her flimsy skirt under her bum, put her arms around Jake's waist and they roared out on to the street. As the roared through New York's city streets Lacy could feel the cool breeze blowing across her exposed clit and her pussy was already juicing up, what with the pearls, wind and vibrations she would be in a constant state of orgasm. Even though it was a warm summer night Lacy was feeling to cool breeze on her silk blouse causing her nipples to ache they were so hard and erect and the tips rubbing on the silk was to much she would end up passing out from orgasms and full of the bike.

"Babe can you make a right turn up here I need to grab a jacket from home or I'm going to pass out from the orgasm's my nipples and clit are giving me"

"Ok sure thing gorgeous, we don't want you worn out before we get there"

As Lacy had lent forward to give Jake direction's her skirt had come un tucked from under her ads and was now flying freely out behind her leaving her stocking clad legs and Bare arse out for everyone to see and boy was it getting plenty of attention, including the attention of two black cops tucked back in an ally waiting for speeding motorists. The cops pulled out and took off after Jake and a half naked Lacy, they didn't put their sirens or lights on but followed Jake closely when Lacy lent forward to give Jake another turn instruction her ass left the seat and the two black cops got a very clear view of Lacy's pussy lips being spread apart by a set of large pearls, they flip the lights and sirens on with about a block short of Lacy's penthouse. Pulling up along side of Jake they motioned for him to pull over down a now dark side ally which he did.

"Jake didn't care for the cops at all so he wasn't pleased when they pulled him over, as they pulled into the ally Lacy lent forward and said don't panic Jake I know what they want and its not you let me handle this OK babe"

Jake turned the bike off and swung the side stand out, Lacy waited for the perfect moment she knew exactly what they wanted and the short ride they had taken and the pearls in the cleft of her cunt had put her in the mood to give them what they wanted so her and Jake could be on their way again. Both police men exited their squad car and walk up to the rear of Jake's Harley, Lacy knew it was the right time she pulled her skirt up high a lot high than she needed to and swung her stocking clad legs wide apart to climb off the bike, virtually doing a Sharon Stone from Basic Instincts the move didn't go unnoticed by the cops and they both licked the big thick lips as they took the site of Lacy's spread open cunt in.

"Is there any reason you are displaying so much flesh while riding on this bike?"

"I'm very sorry officer my friend was simply giving me a lift home from the office and well I guess my dress just came loose"

"Well it's pretty inconsiderate of you given what a fantastic body you have it may have cause multiple vehicle accidents"

"Really officer you really think I have a fantastic body how very nice of you to say"

"It wasn't really meant as a compliment miss I was more pointing out that it's sexy enough to cause an accident was all"

"Well officer Daily" Sam lent forward to get a look at the big black cops name badge before she had gotten off the bike she had undone the top three button of her blouse and when she lent forward her right tit fell out exposing it to the cool evening air and two both the cops.

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