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Lodge by the River (fm:one-on-one, 9957 words) [1/2] show all parts

Author: SavageHart
Added: Mar 28 2019Views / Reads: 1396 / 988 [71%]Part vote: 9.55 (22 votes)
She is an eccentric psychiatrist who has designed a getaway to heal the world of its problems. Things get out of control when an out of work actor, a nun, a rich millionaire, his ex-wife and present fiance all come together to heal themselves of their tro

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"No one wants a Muslim terrorist anymore." Levi Schultz said as he stirred his coffee. "Times have changed and the industry is changing. Audience is more diverse so these are not the days when you can beat up on a Muslim on screen and generate applause. That stuff just does not fly anymore."

Nasir studied him closely as he took a sip of his coffee. Levi was a heavy set man in his mid fifties. In an industry that was built out of peoples broken dreams, he was a good man in his own strange way. "Times have changed enough that I can not get a job as a terrorist but the audience is still not ready to see a Muslim hero. You know what that means for me Levi? It means my acting career is at a dead end. I can not work as the bad guy and I can not work as the good guy. In short, I am jobless!" Nasir sipped on his mint cappuccino while looking out of the window into the falling rain.

"True but if we study minorities in the cinema, they are always featured as evil first." Levi leaned in to Nasir. "Then they disappear for a while and then they come back as the sidekicks to a white hero. Lone Ranger had Tonto as his Native American sidekick. Green Hornet had Kato as his Chinese sidekick. When the sidekick becomes more popular than the hero, he gets his own movie. That is how Bruce Lee got into Hollywood. He made his presence as the sidekick in Green Hornet. Today no one even knows Van Williams who played Green Hornet but we all know Bruce Lee right?" Levi took another last sip and placed the empty cup on the wooden table. It had started to pour down outside and the small coffee shop was getting filled with all sorts of people with only one thing in common. Dripping clothes! Aunty Chang's Coffee and Donuts was no longer as secluded as it had been when the had come in. "Hey look, I know these are hard times for brown actors but you have to be the Bruce Lee man. I will look for an opening that demands a Muslim sidekick and that will be your chance. I have been in this business long enough to know that sooner or later that role will come. Just hang in there mate."

"Thanks for the coffee." Nasir said as he stood up. There was sound of thunder outside and the glass window of the coffee shop was starting to take a beating from the pouring rain. "It is time for me to go to the gym and lift weights."

Levi stood up with him. "That's the spirit. Don;t let the storm come in the way of your dreams. When the time comes you have to be in shape." He pulled his trousers up. "You have a great physique but I would suggest trying to bulk up a bit. No need to look like those bodybuilding freaks but when that shirt comes off, you will have to look powerful for the male audience and sexy for the women. Same body must have both traits otherwise you lose the role to someone else. Remember that when you hit the gym." He extended a hand and Nasir took it firmly.

As he started to make his way out of the coffee shop, the middle aged couple that sat next to them totally slipped his eyes. She was a redhead in her late forties with a detached, elitist look about her. The grey haired man with piercing blue eyes smelled of expensive cologne and had an aura of refined masculinity. He spoke in a deep, gravely voice that vibrated of sincerity. "Your beauty is of a different kind Victoria. The more I look at you, the more you grow on me."

"Oh stop it Jeff." The woman sipped her coffee.

"You don't like me to be honest?" He leaned into her and she sighed. "What are you afraid of?"

There was silence as she looked back into the blue of his eyes. "You. I am afraid of you Jeffrey Goodman. You are asking me to marry you but you also have this reputation."

"Reputation of what?" He asked.

"Reputation of a millionaire playboy who switches women as soon as he gets bored with them. As much as I find you to be exciting I am afraid Jeff. I am truly afraid."

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