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A night out with a co-worker (fm:adultery, 5012 words) [1/2] show all parts

Author: Mr. X
Added: Mar 29 2019Views / Reads: 3938 / 3283 [83%]Part vote: 9.04 (23 votes)
Maxie is a happily married middle aged woman. When she decides to go out with her party girl co-worker for a night on the town near an university, she could never have known what she was going to get herself into.

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I hated to be away from home. I missed my husband, getting to lounge around and watch tv, and my bed, but work demanded me to travel from time to time. I was the CFO and was told by my boss to personally inspect the financials of a company we were about to buy. I was not alone though. The COO, Bethany, had come along to ensure operations were in line also.

Sitting in the conference room, I watched as men passed outside the glass walls, paying attention to Beth. I couldn't blame them. She was gorgeous. 5'10'', thin, large breasts and attractive. At 30, she was young enough to be my daughter, in fact, my daughter was only 3 years younger. I on the other hand was 55 years old, I was in shape, but a little frumpy, my breasts sagged and my hair was platinum due to age not coloring. "Maxie, I think I am going to cut out here in a few and go get a drink, do you want to go. I know a place that is great." Beth asked as she typed away on her computer.

Looking at the clock, it was 6pm. "I think I might just head back to the hotel. Its been a long day." I said. Beth was a known partier, maybe in my younger days I could hold my own with her, but now, now I just wanted a glass of wine and to sit on the bed in my hotel room and watch TV. Beth closed her lap top and looked over at me. "Max, can I be honest with you?" She inquired softly. I nodded my head. "The reason no one invites you out.. Well, its because you always say no. People think you do not like them." She started, "I mean, we have worked together for two years and I know nothing about you other than you're the CFO and your husband is some mega powerful attorney."

Mega powerful would be an accurate statement. My husband, while the sweetest, loyal, most honest man I have ever met, was one of the best attorneys in the nation. I looked over at her and gave a short sigh. "ok, one drink." I relented. She squealed with delight and ordered me to put my things away. We returned to the hotel to change and met down stairs. I had chosen a Maxi dress, that while not low cut, flashed a little bit of cleavage. I had left my bra in the room as it had begun to cut into me and I was only going to be gone for a short while. Beth arrived a few minutes later in skin tight pants and a lose fitting sweater. I gave her a once over, there was no way she was wearing anything under it. "Ready, I know the perfect place."

Twenty minutes later, we walked into a small bar near the campus of the local university. "Tonight, we are going to be different people. So here is our story." Beth started. She went on to explained that we could easily get all our drinks bought for us if we played this right. It was a game she liked to play. "You are my mom and we are here to see my freshman brother." I gave her the side eye and shook my head. "Maxie, come on. It will be fun." Eventually, after a couple of more minutes of prodding, we sat down at a table and I agreed to her plan.

The bar was quiet. Beth ordered our drinks and leaned back in her chair. "So how long have you and Paul been married?" She asked. "Almost 35 years. We got married in college." I answered as she did the math. "You were like a junior?" she exclaimed shocked. I nodded. "When you know, you know." Beth giggled a little. "Maybe one day, but I want to finish having my fun before I settle down."

The drinks arrived. I watched in horror as the large fishbowl was slid over in front of me. Beth had a similar one in front of her. "You said one drink." She smiled, "I was going to make it count. Drink up." I took a long sip from the straw. The fruity concoction burned as it rolled down my throat. She had to have picked the most potent drink they had.

Though out the night, I nursed my drink. Beth was not wrong. I listened as she spun her web around the story, piping in to help her when questions were asked. Man after man approached her, paying only slight attention to me. We got a lull in the action a couple hours into the night. "Oh My God." Beth exclaimed, "You finished it." I looked down at the empty half gallon glass and smiled. I could feel the effects of the alcohol taking a hold. "I did." I smiled, "So you have gotten a lot of interest tonight." Beth smirked, "yeah, well I am not the only one. That group of guys has been looking at you, not me."

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Jo Jo writes Wed 10 Apr 2019 13:34:

What a spoilsport !!

I love being gang banged

Jo xxx


Erotica fan writes Mon 1 Apr 2019 22:53:

Very good job! Thank god you didnít turn the husband into a cuck!


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